Jon Stewart Eviscerates Cruz and Republicans on Anti-Obamacare Crusade

"Obamacare is your 'Springtime for Hitler.'"

Jon Stewart had a field day with the Ted Cruz-led Republican Party threat to shut down the government unless the President agrees to defund Obamacare last night. 

After showing a clip of the filibustering, tea partying Senator saying, "Nothing is hurting America more than Obamacare," Stewart riffed that, "Nothing makes food taste worse, nothing makes it harder to get an erection, nothing spoils Breaking Bad, nothing sews you into a human centipede like Obamacare. Obamacare will murder your hope.”

If Obamacare is hurting jobs, Stewart wondered allowed, what would a government shutdown do?

In a segment where Stewart seemed barely able to contain his hysterics, perhaps in response to Republican hysterics, he mocked Cruz's assertion that Americans will get "addicted to Obamacare like sugar." Stewart pointed out that the "sugar" in this metaphor is, of course, "health insurance." He added that ,"Entitlements are like crack to us," and that, yes, Americans are "sucking the glass d*ck of not having our old people freeze to death or have to live off cat food."

Summing up, Stewart addressed the Republicans directly. “You’re protecting America from this terrible Obamacare plan that, once we get a taste of [it], we’ll never want to be without,” Stewart argued. “You only win if the program fails. Obamacare is your Springtime For Hitler.”

Watch for yourself:





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