HILARIOUS VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Decimates Bill O'Reilly's Plea that a Woman Can't be President

"Because everything in the oval office is penis activated."

Photo Credit: screengrab via the colbert report

Stephen Colbert hilariously lampooned Bill O'Reilly's absurd recent segment on how "there must be a downside" to having a woman as president on Wednesday night. In other words, Hillary Clinton.

In the now famous segment, O'Reilly invited two conservative women on his show and practically begged them to give him a reason why a woman should not be the leader of the free world. They just refused to humor him. "There's gotta be a downside," he pleaded. "No, Bill," they chorused.

Colbert's commentary was priceless and included well-thought out points like the fact that everything in the oval office is "penis activated . . . been that way since the Kennedy Administration," and the obscure scientific fact that "women sit down when they pee."

When O'Reilly pointed out that the "mullahs in Iran" would not approve of our having a woman president, Colbert quipped, "We are the leader of the free world so we have to elect someone Iran wants."

So befuddled was O'Reilly in his desperate attempts to argue his point that he descended into nonsense syllables, which Colbert hilariously mocked. "Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing." (That's a quote from O'Reilly, not Colbert.)


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