HILARIOUS VIDEO: Daily Show's Samantha Bee Tackles Epidemic of Anti-Vaxxer Idiocy

Measles, mumps, whooping cough—they're all back!

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Samantha Bee took on the pernicious effects of right-wing science denialism Monday night on "The Daily Show," specifically vaccine denialism. "Vaccines are not a belief system," Dr. Paul Offit, infectious disease specialist tells Bee. "They are evidence-based science."

So where is the outbreak of vaccine ignorance occurring? Much to Samantha Bee's horror, the anti-vaxxer movement is not primarily a right-wing phenomenon. The "outbreak of f*cking misinformation" is occurring in "upper middle class, caucasion, college-educated," and yes, liberal enclaves.

"It's happening in my community?" says Bee. "People who juice?"

Looking for "Patient Zero" of the outbreak of ignorance, Bee finds Sarah Pope, author of the Healthy Home Economist blog, who says things like, "your consensus is not my consensus."

"Yeah, what's a consensus anyway?" Bee says. "It's just an overwhelming majority of scientists, worldwide, like 99.9 percent or something. Pffft."

At one point Pope has Bee frothing at the mouth. Finally, she frantically tried to quarantine Starbucks locations where she suspects the infectious disease of ignorance may be spreading, possibly even through soy lattes.

You just have to watch it for yourself:


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