Colbert Offers 8 Hilarious Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving With Your Conservative Relatives

Maybe a little shaved Xanax on the pumpkin pie instead of nutmeg.

Stephen Colbert spent most of his monologue on Thanksgiving eve making merciless fun of our President-elect. One high note was when the late night host discussed Donald Trump's absurd thin-skinned tweet about Saturday Night Live last weekend. The Trumpster complained about how unfair the show was to him, and demanded "Equal time for us!"


Here's what Trump does not understand. "You're going to be president. That's the guy that everyone makes fun of," Colbert explained. "If you wanted to be the one everyone loves, you should have run for ice cream man. In fact, that's the perfect job for someone who can dish it out, but not take it."

Towards the end of his monologue, Colbert offered some extremely useful tips on surviving Thanksgiving with the family who may not share your political views. Among the eight offerings, "Cook a second turkey, not to eat but for everyone to stab."


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