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WATCH: Jon Stewart Shreds GOP Hypocrisy on Climate Change and Bergdahl

Trotting out Oliver North to comment on hostage exchanges, just another Fox low point.

Photo Credit: via Comedy Central

Jon Stewart saluted the parade of idiocy that has come to represent GOP politics last night, particularly when it comes to climate change, or, in fact anything that uses the word scientist. Exhibit A: Michele Bachmann asserts she is not a scientist but repeats the absurd rumor that the HPV vaccine causes brain damage. Or John Boehner saying, correctly, that he does not have the credentials to debate the science of climate change.

"Then why do you?" wonders Stewart.

Boehner does a good job proving his ignorance by telling George Stephanopoulos that the idea that carbon dioxide is something we exhale so it must be very good for you.

"Yes! You can never have enough carbon dioxide," Stewart scoffs. "That's why I kept my pet hamster in an cardboard box with no holes in it. He's doing very well.. He's been asleep for three years."

On the Bergdahl prisoner swap, Oliver "Iran/Contra" North has trotted out all over conservative media to criticize the Obama administration, Stewart notes, as he turns to a story where Republicans finally have some "actual expertise."

"I know a lot about hostage negotiation," North told Fox.

"That's what we in the business call understatement," said Stewart, quickly pointing out North's sterling resume of helping trade thousands of missile to Iran for seven Americans then using the money to fund murderous Iran Contras, and lying repeatedly about it. North has been demanding to know if ransom money was paid for Bergdahl's release.

"Does this make you mad because it's gone mainstream?" Stewart lambasts North. "'I was into using American taxpayer money to arm terrorist groups way before it was cool.'"

North also criticized the Obama administration for not managing to keep the whole thing a better secret.

“Finally, some practical advice from an informed voice on the right,” Stewart said. “You can overstep your authority, just lie the sh*t out of it afterwards.”



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