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Rush Just "Loves" The AlterNet

Limbaugh gave "The AlterNet" and its "agitated left-wingers" a nice shout out on his show last night.

Rush Limbaugh revealed some serious history on his show yesterday. He also demonstrated he has a good memory. Rush has been paying attention to the fact that AlterNet has been a thorn in his side for a long time: 

There's a website out there called the AlterNet, and I'm familiar with this. When I started this program before the Internet really became mainstream, a bunch of agitated left-wingers hung out at the AlterNet.

That's where a lot of the original, slanderous, libelous criticism of me began, and it was among ostensible professors, so-called educators and so forth. AlterNet now is an online leftist magazine. They ran a story by somebody names Chauncey DeVega arguing that Dorner could be transformed through popular culture and storytelling into a figure talked about for decades, for centuries to come, with multiple versions of his stories and exploits.

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Thanks Rush for the props. We been on your ass for 10 good years, and we're not stopping now.   


Don Hazen is the former executive editor of AlterNet.