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Right-wing Lunacy du Jour: Rush Limbaugh Joins Shoe Truthers

Was Hillary Clinton really ducking that shoe, or just trying to appear presidential?

Photo Credit: screengrab via youtube

Hillary Clinton has been accused of many things: faking a blood clot in her brain, killing Vincent Foster, having a marriage of convenience. But arranging to have a shoe thrown at her in order to appear more presidential just has to go down as one of the idiotic claims the right has manufactured to date. We realize that times are getting desperate, what with some right-wing pundits breaking ranks on the nonsensical Benghazi so-called scandal and others saying enough of the endlessly dragged out IRS investigation. And they desperately need something new to obsess about. But shoe-gate? This strikes us as clutching at an awfully short straw.

And it is gaining momentum. Initially, the criticism from the right was that Clinton did not duck the shoe nearly as skillfully as George Bush had ducked the shoe hurled at him  by an Iraqi journalist during Bush's presidency. But then a more sinister conspiracy theory formed in the addled brain of Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg—Clinton and her handlers staged the incident during a speech in Las Vegas last Thursday precisely because shoe projectile ducking  is the very definition of appearing presidential.

Suddenly, nothing about the incident rang true to right-wing commentators. Not Clinton's girlish wince when a (supposedly unidentified) object whizzed by her head. Not the fact that Clinton wondered aloud whether it had been a bat (which strikes us as a pretty normal immediate reaction to having a dark object suddenly fly over your head.) Not the fact that the alleged thrower, Alison Michelle Ernst, just put her hands up and was simply arrested and booked by the authorities, without being "pounded to a pulp by Hillary's bodyguards," wrote Arthur Louis at Goldberg's site, "and why she seems on the verge of getting off scot free. Don’t be too surprised," he continued, "the next time you visit Phoenix, if you see her sitting at a table in a downtown Hillary for President store front, stuffing and sealing envelopes."

Oh, the conniving.

Rush Limbaugh jumped on board the crazy train Monday, telling listeners that he can "totally relate" to those who believe that "everything the Clintons do is staged or choreographed." While he has not studied the incident in detail, he believes what people told him about Clinton's reaction not being "natural."

"I'm sorry, I'm ill-equipped to comment," Limbaugh said, proceding, of course to comment at some length. "Maybe it's because, in my subconscious, I think it was staged, or set up, or whatever. ... I don't know why anybody would be throwing a shoe at Hillary unless -- maybe it's an attempt to make the Benghazi people look like nuts and lunatics and wackos."

Note to Rush: The Benghazi people already look like nuts and lunatics and wackos. There is no need to make them look that way.

But If you'd like to hear more of Rush's not commenting, here it is at Media Matters.

We are just wondering what other presidential moments Clinton and her handlers are dreaming up. Might we suggest having her slumped on the couch after choking on a pretzel?


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