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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Abraham Lincoln Would 'Turn in His Grave' Over Modern Republican Climate Denialism

What's with the GOP's empty refrain: "I'm not a scientist"?
There are two things that Republicans love to brag about: One is that Abraham Lincoln, often lauded as the greatest president, was a Republican. Two is the frighteningly common GOP refrain these days, "I'm not a scientist, but . . . .," usually followed by a whole bunch of climate change denialism stupidity, like carbon dioxide is great! What's the big deal? Anyway, we can't do anything about climate catastrophe because . . . jobs!
Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson dismantled both of these ongoing refrains in footage aired Wednesday by pointing out that Republican Abraham Lincoln was a huge fan of actual science, and in fact created the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) during his presidency.
“Abe Lincoln would turn in his grave if he knew that his descendants, his political descendants — if I remember correctly, Abe Lincoln was Republican — were cherry-picking scientific results,” Tyson said in a clip from his recent interview with MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “I don’t know what he would say. I’m pretty sure he’d be disappointed.” 
"Disappointed," seems little bit of an understatement and calling modern-day Republicans political descendants of Lincoln may be giving the devil way more than his due. But the ever sober, scientific and historically accurate Tyson gives more context and background. 
Lincoln founded the academy in 1863, deGrasse Tyson said, because he believed that both presidents and legislators would better serve the country if they had actual scientists to call on for things that have to do with science. But today’s Republicans, the famous astrophysicist pointed out, just cherry-pick data and pseudo-science to conveniently suit whatever argument they are currently advancing. (Usually something pro-corporate, pro-Koch and anti-Obama, and anti-common sense.)
Ever since Obama announced the new rules to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent, GOPers like Florida Gov. Rick Scott ahd House Speaker John Boehner have lined up to plead and display their ignorance of science. It's not a humble plea, it's a dodge, Hayes points out, employed whenever they are asked about global warming. 

DeGrasse Tyson's suggestion: “What you should be doing is recognizing the scientific results, then let the political conversations be about what kind of legislation you need to put into place that might serve your political interests.” 

Hayes was willing to ratchet up the criticism: “The Republican Party has moved from complete denial to, ‘Don’t ask me, I’m not a scientist; I’m just a dude in a suit by a microphone, for the love of God.’”

Here's the segment with deGrasse Tyson MSNBC:

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