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MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Daily Show's Surprising Method of How to Tell the True Conservative

When NRA ratings aren't enough to settle the matter.

Photo Credit: screengrab via Comedy Central

How do you run to the right of Lindsay Graham in the South Carolina Senate race? The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper did a hilarious sketch on Monday night in which he performed various conservative measurements on candidates who are trying to "primary" Graham from the right.

For instance, Graham only has a rating of 92 from the NRA, which his handler thought was pretty darn good. "It means maybe he voted against carrying a bazooka, or something," he smirked.

But two other candidates, Bill Connor and Lee Bright both boasted that they have NRA ratings of over 100 percent, "if you give extra credit." How wonderful is that? Lee Bright, two of his biggest supporters say, has received a "Taxpayers Hero Award." On the other hand, Bill Connor has the endorsement of the Facebook Tea Party, which has something like 16,000 members. Suck on that, Lindsay Graham.

Oh, but Graham's guy parried that his candidate has a rating of "0" for LGBT Human Rights.

Klepper was not sure how to settle this whole competition of which candidate is furthest to the right, so he asked what the candidates or their reps had in their pocket. Bill Connor and Lee Bright's guys both whipped out copies of the Constitution. Lindsay Graham's guy said he had an iPhone, so he could pull up the Constitution on that. "An iPhone?" Klepper replied in disgust, "That's like 600 points off."

Then came the conservative Rorshcach test. You'll never guess what these clowns saw in those inkblots.

The scary thing is that they are serious. But the segment is seriously funny.



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