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Insane Glenn Beck Mocks Sexual Assault in Response to Santa Barbara Shootings and #YesAllWomen

Blaze video begs question: What is wrong with this man? And why won't he go away?

Photo Credit: screenshot via youtube

Being Glenn Beck means nothing is too crazy or offensive to say or air, although it is possible that the right-wing shock-jock has just shattered his personal record of being the most despicably bonkers personality in the wing-nut universe.

Just days after the horrific Santa Barbara shootings, and during the groundswell of women uniting to tell their stories of feeling and being threatened sexually on Twitter and Tumblr, Beck decided it would be a dandy idea to air a skit mocking the whole idea of sexual assault on his Blaze network.

This "comedy" skit is designed to show that women are not raped as often as studies have shown. Apparently, Beck had aired the segment on May 21, just days before the attack, but decided that the immediate aftermath of Elliot Rodger's mass murder, which the killer said was due to his hatred of women who refuse to have sex with him, was the perfect time to re-air it. Because women don't feel threatened enough already.

In the segment, Blaze co-host Stu Burguiere tries to prove that one and five women have not been victims of sexual assault. Why is he so eager to disprove that? We don't know, you'd have to ask him. Oh, maybe it has something with the fact that it was a White House report that reported that number. 

“What’s going on here is that the president is saying that these women were raped, and these women are saying they weren’t,” Burguiere says in the segment. “It is possible to have consensual sex while drunk or high,” the host opines. “Watch any beer commercial.” 

Yes, beer commercials are wonderful sources of sound information.

The hatred and contempt for women, otherwise known as misogyny, is completely obvious throughout the segment, in which a man in an absurd blonde wig plays the part of a giggling college co-ed agreeing to have sex no matter how a man asks "her." 

“Guuuuesss what? That’s rape!” Burguiere exclaims after on example. “Repeatedly asking for sex to get sex is the same as rape. That’s persistence rape.”

Glenn Beck and his co-hosts and fans need to crawl back to the primordial ooze from which they sprung. 

Here is the video in all its glaring absurdity:


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