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CREDO, MoveOn and Other Groups Launch Campaign to Protect Safety Net

The senators deemed "weak-kneed" or "wavering" will soon get a whole lot of heat from their base.


As the clock ticks down to the fiscal cliff deadline, progressive groups are launching a campaign to pressure Democratic lawmakers not to compromise on safety net programs.

The plan is to urge people to call the senators to show that their base won’t support slashes to Medicare, Social Security or other social programs that are on the table for spending cuts.

The senators have been divided into three categories: the “weak-kneed,” the “wavering” and the “champions.” The “weak-kneed,” a.k.a those who people fear will buckle and agree to drastic cuts, are Sens. Kent Conrad, Joe Manchin and Joe Lieberman. 

The coalition behind this campaign is filled with heavy-hitter progressive organizations, including MoveOn.org, CREDO, Progressives United, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Social Security Works, Democracy for America (DFA), USAction, Campaign for America’s Future, Center for Community Change and Rebuild the Dream.

Many of the groups have been at the forefront of past campaigns to protect safety-net programs and other progressive legislation.