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'The Walking Dead' Rips Up TV Rulebook With Season 5 Opener

Spoiler alert: This piece discusses the first episode of the new season. Don’t read on if you’re waiting for it to show on FoxTV in the UK

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Are We That Gullible? ‘Ebola Zombies’ Panic Spreading Like Wildfire on the Internet

News of an imminent zombie invasion in Liberia is perhaps the most audacious fake news story on the Internet right now, creating panic among thousands of gullible readers who are taking it seriously on social media message boards, repeating the rumor among friends, and getting a bit hysterical about the spread of ebola in Dallas, TX.

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Gun Owners Are Obsessed with Zombies

This piece originally appeared on Pacific Standard.

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What's Up With America's Apocalypse Obsession?

This weekend marked the release of Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth entry in the popular Ice Age series, which follows a collection of cute Ice Age-era mammals (Sid the sloth, Manny and Ellie the wooly mammoths, Diego the saber-toothed tiger) as they enjoy adventures across their frozen world.

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"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter": 8 Antebellum Vampire Zombies in Politics and Pop Culture

Zombies, vampires, monsters. Whether they're feeding on blood, brains or the body politic, throughout recorded history they have functioned as resilient parasites hell-bent on exhausting and annihilating their hosts. Sound familiar

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What Does Our Obsession With Zombie Stories Tell Us About Our Politics?

Zombie chatter reached unprecedented cultural prominence last week when reports of two murders involving cannibalism appeared in the national headlines.

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Inside the Fearful Conservative Mind: The Right-Wing's Latest Race Terrors

The conservative media has invented a new terror in their imagined race war: hordes of black people coming after innocent white folks. 

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Zombie Economics: Don't Bail out the System that Gave Us SUVs and Strip Malls

Though Citicorp is deemed too big to fail, it's hardly reassuring to know that it's been allowed to sink its fangs into the Mother Zombie that the U.S. Treasury has become and sucked out a multibillion dollar dose of embalming fluid so it can go on pretending to be a bank for a while longer.

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