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‘Not Acceptable’: Judge Blocks Trump Administration from Deporting Asylum Seekers - And Threatens to Hold Sessions in Contempt

A federal judge in Washington on Thursday threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt after the Trump Administration tried to deport a woman and her daughter during their deportation proceedings, the Washington Post reports.

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Watch: Salvadoran Girl Heard on Secret ProPublica Detention Facility Recording Reunited with Her Mom in Houston

Alison Jimena Valencia Madrid walked out of a Houston airport early this morning to cheers, holding her mother’s hand, one month after they were separated at a Border Patrol detention facility and the 6-year-old’s voice was captured in an audio recording, begging for a phone call. A van pulled up, and Jimena sat on her mother’s lap in the backseat. She looked out through a window and waved at a handful of reporters, beaming.

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We Need to Just Say No to Random Student Drug Testing

Trust between teenagers and adults is essential if students are to make optimal use of the educational and social opportunities before them. That’s one reason I am vehemently opposed to Random Student Drug Testing (RSDT) and zero-tolerance policies, both of which erode the confidence required for young people to meaningfully engage with the adults who can most help them.

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11-Year-Old Suspended for a Year for Possessing Leaf That Repeatedly Tested Negative for Pot

An 11-year-old Virginia boy was suspended for 364 days after being caught in possession of a leaf that, as it turned out, repeatedly tested negative for marijuana, the Roanoke Times‘ Dan Casey reports.

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Schools Find Justice Panels More Effective Than Suspending Students

On a Monday afternoon, Kemi Karim, a 10th-grader at Lyons Community School in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was asked to step out of class by a school administrator. Though some students would have registered concern at such a request, Karim wasn’t worried.

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'Pretty Much a Catastrophe': Anna Deavere Smith and the Disaster of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

In the last 20 years, there has been a shocking rise in the number of schools that embrace zero tolerance policies that regularly leave students suspended, expelled or arrested for the kinds of infractions that once would have meant a trip to the principal’s office. Over the same period of time, police presence in schools has increased dramatically, making it more probable that these same kids will be sucked out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system.

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Why Are Americans So Inclined to Disrespect Children?

Although being an adult necessarily means we have all been children, as e. e. cummings suggests, growing up is often forgetting. My own experiences as a teacher and a parent have helped me remember what it means to be a child—but they have also caused me a great deal of anxiety about how we view and treat both children and childhood in the U.S.

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San Francisco Takes the Lead in Defining Role of School Police, Sets Limits on Interrogations, Arrests

As debate over harsh school discipline heats up nationwide, San Francisco is taking a lead role among big cities by formally limiting the role of police on campuses and requiring specific types of training for school-based officers.

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Department of Justice Zeroes In On Zero-Tolerance Policies In Schools

After years of hard work on the part of community leaders, civil justice organizations, and students, could the Department of Education (DOE) and Department of Justice (DOJ) finally be shutting off the valve on the school-to-prison pipeline? New guidelines issued in a joint “Dear Colleague” letter from both agencies in early January indicate they’re trying to do just that. 

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Zero-Tolerance Policies in Schools are Often Destructive, Fueling a School to Prison Pipeline

In 2011, a 13-year-old student in Albuquerque, New Mexico burped audibly in class (perhaps the school lunch didn’t agree with him). His instructor summoned the school resource officer, one of a new generation of police officers and specially trained go-betweens stationed in school environments, and the student found himself booked into a juvenile detention facility. He had fallen victim to his school’s zero-tolerance policy, a framework used across the nation to crack down fast and hard on unwanted behaviors, but one that has resulted in what critics are calling a school-to-prison pipeline, as students are fast-tracked to juvenile courts for offenses like writing their names on desks.

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Why Sending Your Child to a Charter School Hurts Other Children

On a blog post challenging the role of charter schools in education reform, a parent named Dienne left a comment about choosing to remove a child from “a test-prep, drill-to-kill, twelve times a year testing factory” public school, and then posed a powerful question: “I’d ask you what exactly am I supposed to do?”

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