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Here are 10 ways white people are way more racist than they realize

If there’s anything our fraught national dialogue on race has taught us, it's that there are no racists in this country. (In fact, not only do multiple studies confirm that most white Americans generally believe racism is over — just 16 percent say there’s a lot of racial discrimination — it turns out that many actually believe white people experience more discrimination than black people.) It’s a silly idea, of course, but it’s easy to delude ourselves into thinking that inequality is a result of cultural failures, racial pathology and a convoluted narrative involving black-on-black crime, hoodies, rap music and people wearing their pants too low. To admit that racism is fundamental to who we are, that it imbues our thinking in ways we wouldn’t and couldn’t believe without the application of the scientific method, is infinitely harder. And yet, there's endless evidence to prove it.

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Here's How Trump's Campaign of Bigotry and Xenophobia Could Severely Backfire in a Key Battleground State

The week before the 2018 midterms, President Donald Trump has been going out of his way to rally his far-right base with a large dose of anti-Latino, anti-immigrant bigotry—from hysterical fear-mongering over a caravan of Honduran refugees that has been making its way north to promising to end birthright citizenship to a blatantly racist anti-Democrat ad that is being compared to the infamous Willie Horton ad of 1988.

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We Can't Deny the Connections Between the Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect's Apparent Motivation and Trump's Bigotry

It’s already started. They’re messaging, texting, tweeting, and even calling into my radio/TV show. Breitbart is even bragging that they got it on CNN.

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Here Are 5 of the Most Disturbing Facts About Florida Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis

In Florida’s August 28 gubernatorial primaries, Democrats and Republicans both went with non-establishment candidates. Democrats, in a major upset, nominated Andrew Gillum, the left-of-center mayor of Tallahassee and an ally of Sen. Bernie Sanders (who campaigned for him) over centrist establishment pick Gwen Graham (daughter of former Florida Gov. Bob Graham). Meanwhile, on the Republican side, the nominee was Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Tea Party favorite, member of the House Freedom Caucus and far-right supporter of President Donald Trump (who has endorsed DeSantis). The Florida gubernatorial race could become a referendum on Sanders’ ideas versus Trump’s ideas, and DeSantis is way beyond conservative—he is extreme.

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More Than 4 Million People Who Should Be Considered Citizens Aren't Recognized by Xenophobic Government of India

Can a nation, 71 years after its formation, turn the very basis of citizenship on its head? If you look at the twin developments happening under aggressively hegemonic regimes, in both the U.S. and India, it appears it can. The scale of the tragedies unraveling as families are split, as talks of a barbed wire fence and wall gain hysterical ground and even higher courts in these lands rubber-stamp attitudes that fundamentally alter the basis of the creations of both nations, are huge.

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Islamophobia in the US Is Fueled by Fake Facts and Paranoia

Anti-Muslim activists in the United States were operating in a "post-truth era" and putting out "alternative facts" long before those phrases entered the language. For the last decade they have been spreading provable falsehoods through their well-organized network of publications and websites.

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Here's Why Right-Wingers Are So Threatened by Hearing Foreign Languages in the Trump Era

In many countries, studying foreign languages in public school systems is not only encouraged—it is mandatory, which is why so many Swedish, German, Norwegian and Dutch high school students have learned to speak English fluently even though it isn’t their native language. But among many right-wing Republicans in the U.S., being monolingual is considered a badge of honor. And in the Trump era, some ugly racial incidents demonstrate that speaking a language other than English in public can be met with verbal abuse.

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Media Outlets Are Having Trouble Keeping Up with Hate Crime Reports in Trump Era

It’s been well-documented that hate crimes are on the rise since Donald Trump brought his particular brand of racism and xenophobia to American politics. Though it is typically advocacy groups that do the work of documenting these crimes, there are some media outlets also covering these stories, with ProPublica leading the way. 

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Donald Trump Refuses to Let Go of a Deranged Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump, all set to deploy the National Guard to the border, continued to ignore reality as he declared semi-victory on that “Caravan” making its way through Mexico that he’s been so obsessed with:

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The #MosqueMeToo Controversy Sheds Light on Sexualized Violence and Xenophobia

In a Washington Post opinion piece published Thursday, Egyptian-American writer and feminist Mona Eltahawy wrote about being sexually assaulted during the hajj—the Muslim pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca—and her efforts to bring other Muslim women’s experiences to light by starting #MosqueMeToo on Twitter.

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The 'Alt-Right' Is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With 'Operation Homeland'

The "alt-right" didn't really enter the spotlight of mainstream US culture until it dropped back into the gutter. For the first years of its infancy, from the founding of "" in 2010 until the popularization of the #AltRight hashtag in early 2015, members had focused on trying to rehabilitate the image of white nationalism.

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