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Pat Robertson Admits He Blew The Election Prediction He Got From God

In January, televangelist Pat Robertson told 700 Club viewers that in his annual New Year’s “conversation” with God, the Almighty had revealed to him who the next president would be. Up through Election Day, Robertson harshly criticized President Obama and the Democratic Party while praising Mitt Romney. Then, Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network predicted a GOP sweep, leaving Robertson utterly confounded by Obama’s victory.

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Crazy Peggy Noonan's Latest Talking Point Isn't Just Wrong, It's Dangerous

It was pretty painful over the weekend to see/hear so many political pundits whitewash torture. To hear many of the leading conservative media voices, the problem wasn't with the Bush administration's illegal policies, which embarrassed the nation and undermined our national security, but rather with the Obama administration's transparency.

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Woman Wins Date With 'Great Catch,' Gets Raped

From the Chicago Tribune:

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Warning: We Discriminate

Imagine that your son wants to join the Boy Scouts. On the parental permission form, you find this paragraph:

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