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Trump's White House is forcing interns to sign nondisclosure agreements as part of 'ethics training': report

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that White House interns are being forced to sign nondisclosure agreements and being threatened with ruinous lawsuits if they don't comply:

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The White House flails and tries to defend a humiliated Trump when leaked schedules expose his laziness

When President Barack Obama was in office, Donald Trump used to attack him repeatedly and baselessly for supposedly not working hard enough for the American people. Since he's become president, Trump's Twitter habits have revealed his own excessive consumption of cable news, his golf schedule displayed an ample appetite for leisure, and reports found that his staff schedules large bulks of "executive time" — during which he has no formal duties — into his days.

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'He'd rather roam around and B.S. with people': Trump reportedly spends much of his day giving White House tours

President Donald Trump is well known for his vacation time. He has made numerous trips to his Mar-a-Lago country club in south Florida, costing taxpayers millions and forcing the Secret Service to rent his golf carts.

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Chief Justice John Roberts just proved he's willing to stand up to Trump

Despite claims to be in favor of 'law and order,' the Trump administration has been essentially trying to change American asylum law by fiat. But on Friday, the Supreme Court blocked the administration's attempt to jumpstart its cruel policies, which were previously blocked by a federal judge in California.

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Here's how these 5 major Trump officials exposed the increasing chaos in the administration - by leaving in disgrace

Just when one thought that this week couldn’t become any more chaotic in Washington, DC—with President Donald Trump deciding to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and threatening a shutdown of the federal government if Congress won’t fund his U.S./Mexico border wall—a major bombshell dropped Thursday afternoon when James Mattis announced his resignation as secretary of defense.

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GOP rule in Washington is almost over - but not before they throw the government into complete chaos

On Thursday night, over a chyron that said "Trump plunges Washington into chaos: Mattis resigns, shutdown looms, market dives," CNN's Don Lemon said, "Right now there's not a permanent attorney general, defense secretary or chief of staff. The government is on the verge of a shutdown because the president wants money for his border wall. Stocks are having the worst December since the Great Depression. And Robert Mueller has indicted multiple members of Trump's inner circle. Is this administration melting down?"

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'Calling me a liar are fighting words': Democratic lawmaker walks out on DHS Sec. Nielsen after denouncing her deception

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared before Congress on Thursday, giving Democratic lawmakers the opportunity to voice their opposition and distress at the administration's cruel and disastrous immigration policies.

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'Saturday Night Live' has a problem even Matt Damon can't solve

As “Saturday Night Live” closes out 2018, its 44th season has at long last found the breakout player: Matt Damon. Not a repertory player, a guest. And a very occasional one at that.

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Flynn isn’t a traitor - but he did sell out his country

The right-wing meme machine has taken some fairly insane flights of fancy over the last couple of years, but one of it’s craziest has to be the smokescreen they generated around the indictment of General Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI. He was entrapped! Set up! Even the president got involved with a tweet implying that Flynn was framed:

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Trump's feeble fight for a border wall has sparked feuds among White House aides as his major promise becomes a pipe dream: report

President Donald Trump appears poised to given in on his fight for $5 billion of funding for a border wall, according to multiple sources. But in the White House, the fight has reportedly increased tensions as aides jockey back and forth about the best strategy in the struggle to secure funds for his signature campaign promise, according to CNN. 

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Former US Attorney: Mueller will try to indict Trump if evidence proves he tried to ‘steal the presidency’

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said he got “patriotic goosebumps” watching disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn’s demeanor change under harsh rebukes from Judge Emmet Sullivan.

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