Does Thinking You Look Fat Impact How Much Money You Earn?

Two things people often think about are money and their appearance. Past research has shown that there is a correlation between the two: People subjectively considered attractive earn more.

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20 Little Things That Make You Gain Weight

The average person gains one to two pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) every year (1).

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Our Fight With Fat: Why Is Obesity Getting Worse?

Gyms across the country will be packed in the new year with people sticking, however briefly, to their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Most of them do not know that the cards are stacked against them and that weight loss is much more complicated than working out and not eating dessert.

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19 Foods That Can Fight Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are extremely common, especially among women.

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The 25 Best Diet Tips to Lose Weight and Improve Health

Let’s face it—there’s an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet about how to quickly shed pounds and get in shape.

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Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Sued Over Misleading Diet Soda Ads

Advertising campaigns behind diet drinks from Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper have long promoted the idea that consumers are taking the healthier, more weight-conscious option when it comes to choosing their favorite sodas. Diet Coke emphasized its drink has "no sugar, no calories." Diet Pepsi tried launching its slender "skinny" can only a handful of years ago. And Diet Dr. Pepper's "Lil Sweet" mascot is no subtle nod to the product’s supposed ability to shrink those who drink it.

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9 Signs That You’re Not Eating Enough

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging, especially in a modern society where food is constantly available.

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Are Artificial Sweeteners Actually Making Us Fat?

Do you use low-calorie artificial sweetener as a sugar substitute because you think it’s better for you? Well, you’re not alone. Earlier this year a study showed that American adults were consuming artificial sweeteners at an increasing rate of 54 percent and 200 percent for kids. You might think low calories mean less weight gain. Unfortunately, further recent research shows it could be quite the opposite.

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Can Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight?

Vitamin D is an important micronutrient with major health benefits, including improved immunity and stronger bones.

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Can Diet Sodas Actually Make You Gain Weight?

If you’re trying to lose weight, choosing diet soda over regular soda might seem like a good idea. You get a caffeine kick and a sweet, bubbly taste similar to the real deal, only without the sugar and calories. But while zero calories sounds a lot better than the 150 calories from a can of regular Coke, several studies have found that artificially sweetened sodas might actually lead to something you were trying to avoid: weight gain.

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