Here's Why Our Food Systems Are a Central Feminist Issue

Seventy-four percent of American vegans are female, but is there any link between veganism and feminism? Superficially, one could look at decades of mass marketing meat, grills and other fire-and-flesh fueled products to men, infusing these inanimate culinary products with gender—but, speaking as a woman who loves steak (eating it, cooking it, all of it) and as a person with common sense, foods in and of themselves should not appeal to one gender identity or another. One could point to the surge of female-led steakhouses and butcher shops—like New York’s White Gold Butchers—as exemplary evidence that women of all kinds love meat, but veganism (for many) isn’t necessarily about a like or dislike of animal products. So why are three out of every four vegans female?

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Yes, You Can Die From Eating Red Meat: Here Are 4 Tips to Reduce Your Intake

The human species needs to eat less meat. Why? Take your pick of reasons, from the detrimental impact global meat consumption has on the climate, to the ethics of the mass farming of sentient animals. Or, here’s one that might sink in for the more selfish carnivores among us: not dying of a chronic illness.

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Beyoncé's Short Vegan Stint Inspired a New Generation of Herbivores

The power of celebrity is a curious thing. For years, industries such as Big Tobacco took advantage of this fact by inserting cigarettes into the hands of stars of the silver screen. Some famous folks who realize the responsibility of their power have tried to use this influence for good. Take John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s "Give Peace a Chance" movement, which may not have brought an end to war, but at least promoted something positive. Or in more recent years, another pop icon who had a message for the masses—Beyoncé.

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Watch: Natalie Portman Explains Why She's Vegan in Heartwarming Speech

At the 27th annual Environmental Media Awards benefit, vegan celebrities took to the stage to highlight the environmental impact of eating animals.

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A Carnivore-Turned-Vegan Author Reveals Cruelty-Free Fast Food Secrets and the Government's Nutritional Lies

In his new book The Skeptical Vegan, former carnivore, ethical vegan advocate, and self-professed french fry addict Eric Lindstrom shares how moving from chicken wings to tofu wings changed his entire life—and handily includes a chapter on how to eat vegan in fast food restaurants.

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Veganism in America Has Grown by 600 Percent Since 2014 (Video)

"Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017," an eye-opening report by research firm Global Data, found that Americans are switching to a vegan diet in record numbers.

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Going Undercover at a Slaughterhouse - Humanity Is Capable of Atrocities It Simply Can't Confront

I used to wake up at 4:30am for the morning shift at the slaughterhouse. It was fall and the chill in the air matched the emptiness of the roads that were surrounded by rural Maryland’s forests and tributaries feeding into the Chesapeake Bay. It should have been a peaceful time of day, but the thoughts would race: “Can I do this another day? What if they notice my hidden camera? What would they do if they found out I was an undercover investigator?”

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11 Foods Healthy Vegans Eat

Vegans avoid eating animal foods for environmental, ethical or health reasons.

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Joaquin Phoenix on Huge New Animal Justice Campaign: 'Now More Than Ever, the World Needs to Hear This Message'

Rising above 1500 Times Square and the Jacob Javits Center in New York City stands the most ambitious animal justice campaign ever launched in New York. “Be Fair Be Vegan" introduces viewers to the sentience of animals by using evocative closeup images and powerful messaging demonstrating that other animals experience emotions just like humans do.

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Will Vegans Save the World? Eating Less Meat Will Reduce Earth’s Heat

Will vegans save the world? Reading comments under climate change articles or watching the film Cowspiracy make it seem they’re the only ones who can. Cowspiracy boldly claims veganism is “the only way to sustainably and ethically live on this planet.” But, as with most issues, it’s complicated.

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Judaism and Veganism: Time for a Reunion

A divinity student from a Presbyterian seminary approached me one day and made a surprising comment. “I’m so impressed,” he said, “with the emphasis that Judaism places on treating animals with compassion.”

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