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Yemen remains on the precipice of a large-scale famine

On December 14, Martin Griffiths—the UN Special Envoy for Yemen—briefed the UN Security Council about the talks that had just concluded in Sweden the previous day. Griffiths, sitting before a large UN logo from Jordan, spoke by video to a Council that had not been able to move an effective agenda to end the brutal war on this impoverished country.

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'Needlessly Cruel and Bigoted': Trump Admin Denies Visas to Unmarried Same-Sex Partners of Foreign Diplomats

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On the first day of LGBT History Month, the Trump administration began to deny visas to unmarried same-sex partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees, according to a report in Foreign Policy.

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United Nations Diplomats Confirm They Were Laughing at Trump During His Ridiculous Speech: Report

Before he was elected president, Donald Trump frequently said the world was laughing at the United States — and he promised he could change that. But on Tuesday, that hope was dashed as the United Nations General Assembly burst into laughter at his ridiculous boasting about his presidency in a speech.

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The World Laughed at Donald Trump Because It Knows How Weak He Truly Is

When U.S. President Donald Trump began his speech at the UN General Assembly, laughter erupted from the hall. “In less than two years,” Trump said, “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the entire history of our country.” There was a pause. Then, Trump continued, “America’s—so true”—but he was interrupted by laughter. Not laughter at a joke that Trump had cracked. Nothing like that. The laughter was directed at him. “Didn’t expect that reaction,” Trump said, “but that’s OK.” There was more laughter, even raucous laughter.

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The Renegade President Brings His War to the United Nations

When President Trump began his speech to the UN General Assembly Tuesday, he started out in true fashion by touting his own record, saying, “my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

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Fox News Edits Out the United Nations Laughing at Trump from Clips of His Embarrassing Speech to the General Assembly

In the world of Fox News, President Donald Trump is always winning, and the only people to oppose him are sore-loser Democrats. But to maintain this fantasy, the people at Fox — which still pretends to be an objective news outlet — often have to omit key facts or even manipulate reality in order to hide the president's obvious failings.

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Watch the Entire United Nations Burst into Laughter as Trump Claims His Administration Is Historically Successful

Donald Trump is addressing the United Nations in New York today, and opened his speech by bragging about his accomplishments.

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Conservative Pundit Predicts This Cabinet Official Will Resign Soon to Launch a 2020 Challenge to Trump

Conservative writer Jennifer Rubin has been among the group of right-leaning commentators who feel completely abandoned by the Republican Party since the rise of President Donald Trump. But in Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Rubin sees a figure that she thinks could bring about a major turnaround for the Republican Party.

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Trump’s Terrible, No Good Plan to Gin Up a Worldwide Drug War

President Trump is in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly, but he's going to kick off his appearance with an unofficial event aimed at promoting a tougher global line on drugs. He will host a meeting on "The World Drug Problem," and countries that have agreed to sign on to a document circulated by the administration, "The Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem," will be rewarded by being invited to the event and given the opportunity to "participate in a group photo" with the president.

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UN Chief Warns of 'Existential Threat' to Humanity from Climate Change: 'Moving Faster Than We Are'

Warning that "we face a direct existential threat" because "climate change is moving faster than we are," United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, in a speech at the U.N.'s New York headquarters on Monday, demanded urgent action from world leaders to combat "the defining issue of our time."

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Activists in Hundreds of Cities Across the Globe Stage Actions Calling for Drug Policy Reform

Tuesday, activists in NYC joined with thousands of people in over 200 cities around the world as part of the “Support. Don’t Punish” Global Day of Action to demand an end to drug policies that disregard the value of human life and reduce drug use to a one-dimensional law enforcement issue. The rally in NYC, held outside of the United Nations Headquarters, and the events around the world coincide with the United Nations’ International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking – a day when governments typically celebrate their record of drug arrests and seizures. In the past, some governments have even commemorated this day by holding public executions or beatings of drug offenders. Today’s “Support. Don’t Punish” events offer a platform for participants to reject the recent global drug policy trends that threaten international norms and human lives at home and abroad, as well as personal freedoms.

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