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Noam Chomsky and Danny Glover Condemn U.S. and Canada Over Venezuela Sanctions

After the U.S. and Canada imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist government Friday, Noam Chomsky and Danny Glover joined 154 signatories in an open letter to Washington and Ottawa condemning the sanctions. 

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Are Dead Children the Price of Freedom?

There is a sickness eating at the body and soul of my home country, and it is on full view for the world to see.

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The Year of Trump Has Laid Bare the U.S. Constitution’s Serious Flaws

There’s a million things to love about Hamilton, the musical that has opened in London to reviews as glowing as those that greeted its debut on Broadway. The lyrics are so ingenious, so intricate and dexterous, that the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has a claim to be among the most exciting writers, in any medium, in the world today. Rarely have I seen an audience delight in the tricks and rhyming pyrotechnics of language the way I saw a preview audience react to Hamilton a fortnight ago.

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Putin Says Americans Shouldn't 'Disrespect' Trump in Public Attack on Free Speech

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly derided Americans for not deferring to U.S. President Donald Trump and seemingly tried to encourage Trump in his efforts to restrict free speech.

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Robert Reich: A National Calamity in the Making

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia today is a national calamity. It is a product of white supremacists and home grown terrorists.

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The Latest US Shootings Are an Awful Reminder of How Normal They Feel

My daughter is in first grade, but she’s been doing “lockdown drills” since she was two years old – her pre-school started them a few weeks after the massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook. She knows how to keep quiet when her teachers shut the lights, and that she’s hiding from “robbers” or “bad guys”; she’s not quite old enough to understand the full implications of what the drill means.

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The US Has a Major Program Underway in Africa

General David Rodriguez might be a modern military celebrity -- if he hadn’t spent his career ducking the spotlight. After graduating from West Point in 1976, he began his long march up the chain of command, serving in Operation Just Cause (the U.S. invasion of Panama) and Operation Desert Storm (Iraq War 1.0) before becoming deputy commander of United States Forces, Afghanistan, and commander of the International Security Assistance Force-Joint Command in 2009.

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More Mexican Immigrants Are Returning to Mexico Than Coming to the U.S.

If you listen to Donald Trump and his legions of supporters—a task you undertake at your own peril—you will inevitably hear about hordes of invading Mexicans arriving in the United States daily, and the border wall the billionaire presidential candidate has proposed to keep them out. Variously described by Trump as a "gorgeous wall,” a "great, great wall,” and the "greatest wall that you’ve ever seen,” this magnificent would-be eighth wonder of the modern world has become a cornerstone of the GOP presidential contender’s campaign, a majestic concrete testament to America’s renewed Trumpian greatness.

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John Kerry Fails to Secure Gaza Ceasefire as Efforts For Truce Continue

The US failed to secure agreement on a ceasefire to end 18 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza on Friday night but insisted that efforts were continuing to arrange a humanitarian truce in time for a Muslim holiday early next week.

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5 Protests Blooming in Washington, D.C., This Spring

It’s not just the cherry blossoms busting out across Washington, D.C., but protests of all varieties.

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The Bad Old Days of the West Demonizing Russia Are Back in Force

Imaginary Friends

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