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Mr. Rogers Was a Total Revolutionary - Here's Why

The woman next to me in the movie theater is crying. Not the kind of delicate, dab your tears away and sniffle crying like I did at "Blockers." No, this woman is in full best friend's funeral heaving mode. We are watching a man tie his sneakers.

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Roseanne Says She 'Begged Like 40 Motherf-----s' to Keep Her Show on the Air

Even after pledging to leave Twitter — and then quickly breaking that promise — Roseanne Barr returned to the medium Thursday night to reveal that she "begged like 40 motherf-----s" to keep her show on the air that ABC canceled earlier this week.

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Hank Azaria's Offer to Stop Voicing Apu on 'The Simpsons' Came Way Too Late

This week, Emmy Award-winning actor Hank Azaria finally offered to stop doing the voice of Apu, the Indian caricature on The Simpsons.

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Trump Called Roseanne Barr to Congratulate Her for Strong TV Ratings - Seriously

Donald Trump on Wednesday personally called supporter Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on her the “huge” ratings for the “Roseanne” revival, the New York Times reports.

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The Science of Satire and Lies: Watching Colbert Can Fight Right-Wing Brain Rot

In a National Rifle Association (NRA) TV ad from February of this year a man stands in front of a TV screen that airs a series of clips. Among them is a shot of John Oliver saying the words “National Rifle Association” and another of Alec Baldwin impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.  The rest of the shots are of talk shows, pundits or cable news reporting. As the clips roll, the man takes a sledgehammer to the TV and smashes it. Then a slogan appears: “The truth is our greatest weapon.”

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Why It's So Important for Kids to See Diverse TV and Movie Characters

The hype surrounding “Black Panther” has been as hyperbolic as any feat its characters might perform, with the film being praised for its layered story and what’s been described as its “Afrofuturist” cast. And “Black Panther” will be joined by “A Wrinkle in Time,” another film with blockbuster potential and an interracial cast.

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The 10 Worst TV Shows of 2017, Ranked from Broken to Just Plain Bad

Where there are lists of bests, there must be a tabulation of worsts. It’s a matter of maintaining balance in the universe or barring that, enjoying a few cleansing facepalms and sighs of relief at knowing that we’ve survived the various assaults upon good taste television never ceases to lob at us.

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Jeffrey Tambor Exits Lead Role on Amazon's 'Transparent'

Jeffrey Tambor told the publication Deadline that he will be leaving Transparent, the award-winning Amazon series in which he plays a transgender woman.

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Cable News Attention Deficit Disorder Is Harming America and Preventing Progressive Change

The NRA, climate destroyers and other corporate actors harming our culture and society rely on the myopic, single-issue nature of cable news to promote their agendas and maintain the status-quo. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Why 'South Park' Is Perfectly Armed to Fight the Alt-Right

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are harboring a dirty secret: Much of their audience, the 18- to 34-year-old demographic, overlaps with a certain young, male, white slice of President Donald Trump’s base. You know, the ones who troll liberals online and proudly rock MAGA hats in public.

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Despite Declarations to the Contrary, Black People Watch 'Game of Thrones'

Long ago, in a time before time was counted . . . on portable phones . . . identifying as a black nerd or geek used to be one of the surest paths to social banishment. T’was a fate common to many nerds and geeks, but for nerds and geeks of color, harboring a love of swords and sorcery ran the risk of effectively placing oneself on the outer edges of the ostracized. It meant hearing, over and over again, that what we were into was some white people sh*t.

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