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New polling of 2020 Democrats head-to-head with Trump in a key swing state reveals his electoral weakness

To hear it from the White House or Republicans, President Donald Trump is a juggernaut going into the 2020 election riding the wave of a strong economy.

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Conservative columnist argues it's time for an atheist in the White House

President Donald Trump's personal religious views mostly appear to an afterthought — his primary belief is in his own greatness. But as president and as the leader of the Republican Party, he has embraced and has been embraced by the evangelical Christian community, and he professes to deeply hold a belief in God.

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David Cay Johnston offers Trump a lesson in constitutional government: His effort to defy Congress is unlikely to end how he wants

Donald Trump thinks that he can thumb his nose at Congress because the federal courts will protect him. But that’s not the way our Constitution works. It’s also not the way the courts have held in cases going to the early days of our Constitution.

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Trump’s transparent efforts to obscure Mueller report have taken on a new meaning — here’s why

Donald Trump’s desperate efforts to both hide Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller’s findings, as well as his tax returns, take on new meaning in light of documents a federal judge unsealed at my request.

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Unpaid federal employees are setting the record straight with 'shutdown stories'

As President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed without a shred of evidence that "many" furloughed or unpaid federal workers support the ongoing government shutdown because they want "funding for the wall," public employees and their family members who say they have been harmed by the lapse in government funding took to social media to set the record straight.

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Daughter of podiatrist who helped get Trump out of Vietnam service says 'bone spurs' are a lie

The daughters of the late Dr. Larry Braunstein, a one-time podiatrist based in Queens, have told the New York Times that their father helped President Donald Trump escape getting drafted during the Vietnam War by fabricating a diagnosis of bone spurs in his feet.

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Bring the troops home, but also stop the bombing

As our nation debates the merits of President Trump’s call for withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan, absent from the debate is the more pernicious aspect of U.S. military involvement overseas: its air wars. Trump’s announcement and General Mattis’ resignation should unleash a national discussion about U.S. involvement in overseas conflicts, but no evaluation can be meaningful without a clear understanding of the violence that U.S. air wars have unleashed on the rest of the world for the past 17 years.

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Yemen: Will a deal between combatants stop the misery?

On the verge of famine, the main warriors in Yemen agreed on steps to ameliorate their disastrous war, but few claim that aerial bombings by Saudi Arabia and ground attacks by the rival Houthis will eventually stop the slaughter.

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‘Trump ain’t gonna pay my rent’: Federal workers fume as government shutdown extends into Christmas

President Donald Trump’s decision to let the government shut down because Democrats refuse to fund his border wall has federal workers looking into January and beyond, fearing they won’t be able to pay their bills.

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Pundits argue: Mexico's Democratic López Obrador is a bigger threat than Brazil's Dictator Bolsonaro

One would be hard-pressed to find two newly elected world leaders more different than Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro. The former is a moderate social democrat who promises to crack down on corruption and serve as an advocate for his nation’s poor and working people; the latter is a disciple of the military junta that ruled his country from 1964 to 1985, infamous for his racistmisogynist and anti-democracy comments on national television, who promised on the campaign trail, “I will give the police carte blanche to kill.”

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