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Trump campaigned to be a dealmaker. Here are 6 international agreements he has now ripped apart.

One of President Donald Trump's most signature campaign promises to the American people was that if elected, he would be a great dealmaker. He sold himself hard on the mythology of himself as a successful businessman (when in reality Trump mostly did business by ripping off small-time contractors and declaring bankruptcy) and he told everyone that he could bring that skill to the world stage to stop other countries from ripping us off.

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GOP Senator Calls Trump's Trade Agreement a 'Major Win' Before Admitting She Has No Idea What's in It

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One of the most excited supporters of President Donald Trump's new "renegotiation" of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

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Trump's 'New Trade Deal' with Mexico Isn't New at All - It's NAFTA Wedded to the TPP

In desperate need of a fresh distraction, Donald Trump decided that Monday was the perfect day to announce his new trade deal with Mexico. Though there’s no deal. Negotiations actually appear to be only a bit further along than Trump’s “deal” for North Korea to denuclearlize, and most of what’s in the proposal is a thin coat of paint over the NAFTA agreement that Trump has railed about for years.

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Donald Trump's Broken Trade Promises

The U.S. Commerce Department announced this week that the 2017 trade deficit rose to the highest level since 2008, a biggest and best figure that no U.S. president would brag about, least of all Donald Trump, who pledged repeatedly and forcefully that he would slash the deficit – and fast.

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How NAFTA Is Making Our Food and Water Much Less Healthy

As the sixth round of the negotiations on North American Free Trade Agreement begin next week in Montreal, Canada, the controversy over exactly what a new agreement might involve—if there is one at all—continues to generate debate.

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The Trade Deal Crusaders: Can They Never Learn?

One certain outcome of the 2016 election is that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, for the moment. The qualification is necessary because the proponents of the TPP and similar trade pacts refuse to accept that the country is not interested in further trade agreements along the same lines as past pacts.

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How Fire Ants Killed the TPP Dragon

The defeat of the TPP is a tale of ants slaying a dragon.

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A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Clinton Campaign’s Calculated Decision to Oppose the TPP

How do political leaders decide to take a stance on an issue? Does it come down to principle, a matter of drawing a line that they refuse to cross? Or do they examine pages of data, research and evidence to determine what would best serve the country?

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How Hillary Can Boost Her Standing Among Millennials

Hillary Clinton has long struggled with younger voters, but the problem now threatens to cost her the election. Clinton’s address to millennials this week underscored her awareness of how crucial they are to her chances in November. But her support from voters ages 18 to 35 has declined by double digits since August, raising an urgent question for Democrats: Why are millennial voters so reluctant to embrace Clinton?

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Is Obama's TPP Push Succeeding? How Trump (and Progressives) Might Be Impacting the President's Last-Ditch Effort

President Obama's campaign to enact the TPP before he leaves office is taking advantage of two different anti-trade stances: the blustery isolationism of GOP nominee Donald Trump and a narrow analysis put forward by some progressives. There's reason to believe that Obama's strategy is actually working: a recent poll shows that as Americans become more familiar with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, they are increasing their support of it.

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3 Ways the Trans Pacific Partnership Will Help Corporations - While Ruining the Climate

Free trade deals, and in particular the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), have taken a beating this election season. Most of the noise on trade from Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has focused on the loss of jobs linked to the offshoring. Much less attention has been paid to the serious impact the TPP and past trade agreements will have on our ability to respond to climate change.

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