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Charles Sykes, Anti-Trump Conservative, Looks for Common Ground with the Left

Charles J. Sykes is among the more reasonable conservative voices in America now. Formerly a popular conservative talk radio host in Wisconsin, he once specialized in the sort of invective that drives ratings and barroom rants: The Census Bureau was a “bully”; Bill Clinton’s Justice Department was not unlike the Nazis; and so on. In the words of Milwaukee Magazine, he lived in “a Chicken Little reality where the sky is always falling and every public figure is forever running for cover.”

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Why I Sometimes Feel Alienated by My Fellow Social Justice Activists

Callout culture. The quest for purity. Privilege theory taken to extremes. I’ve observed some of these questionable patterns in my activist communities over the past several years.

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The Circular Firing Squad Isn’t Amusing Anymore

Notwithstanding the addictive daily drama of leaks, tweets, and resistance, there are major issues that exist separate and apart from the 24-hour news cycle. These long-term problems are as salient in the digital moment as they were in the analog ’60s.

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Remembering the Great Essayist and Activist Clancy Sigal

Writer Clancy Sigal died Monday night at 90.

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‘RussiaGate’ Alone Isn’t Going to Put Progressives Back in Power

Donald Trump’s approval ratings remain dismal, yet the Democrats are 0 for 4 in congressional elections in 2017.

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Berniecrats Are Winning in Trump Country: Why Populism Is the Pragmatic Way Forward for Democrats

Since last year’s presidential election, progressives have consistently stated that President Donald Trump’s election was not a victory for right-wing politics over progressive politics, but a victory for populism over the status quo. This, many have argued, is the key takeaway from 2016, which saw the Democratic Party lose control of all three branches of government, along with the majority of state legislatures and governorships.

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Jim Hightower: Is a New Populist Movement Stirring?

In high school, I had a girlfriend who was involved in student government and all sorts of good works. While she paid attention to all that was happening in those years of the early '60s, she essentially was a moderate—certainly not some movement rebel. Or so we thought... until one lazy, Sunday afternoon. As we aimlessly cruised the drag of our small town in a '54 Chevy, we paused at a red light across from a root beer stand where some teens were hanging out. Suddenly, my "moderate" girlfriend lunged halfway out of the backseat window and shouted, "Wake up and piss, kids, the world's on fire!"

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Why Donald Trump Would Have Fit in Just Fine with Our Founding Fathers

Last week, in an AlterNet article titled “How Our Political System Has Cracked—and Why It Probably Can’t Be Fixed,” Neal Gabler expounded at length about how the founding fathers believed in a wonderful and uncorrupted America, governed by the righteous and the good.

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Why We Could Be on the Verge of a Constitutional Apocalypse

As Donald Trump vilifies the press, the courts, immigrants, Muslims, Democrats, protesters and anyone who disagrees with him, it isn't hard to imagine a modern-day Mussolini—or worse. But an even greater threat lies in Republicans' march toward full control of state government. If they get there, they will have the frightening power to amend the Constitution into their own authoritarian image...or Ayn Rand's.  

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Fighting for Utopia in Tough Times

We live in dark times. The planet is warming even faster than scientists anticipated, economic inequality is now likely the worst it’s ever been in American history, Wall Street and large corporations have enormous control over our lives and the media system, and mass incarceration and the war on drugs continue to destroy millions of lives and perpetuate structural racism. Capital and the state have fused, and reactionary elements hold the levers of state power. The United States government is now unapologetically a tool for capitalists and corporations to enrich themselves while repressing opposition. Neoliberalism has intensified into neofascism, just as capitalism morphed into fascism in the 1920s and '30s.

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