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The Old 'Stephen Colbert' Is Gone for Good: 'The Late Show' Hamstrings Host From Scathing Political Discourse

For three moments on Monday night, the host of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” abandoned his chair. It was a punchline; in response to inane comments about strategy from the Republican candidates for president, Colbert fled his post, either by ducking under his desk or dashing away from the camera’s sightline. The remaining image was of his nondescript black office chair behind the desk bearing the show’s red-and-blue logo.

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Why Colbert Is Hilarious But Real Conservative Comedy Is Never Funny

After nine years at the helm of The Colbert Report, where he turned his brilliant right-wing persona into a sprawling marketing empire (see your grocery's freezer section), explained super PACs to everyday Americans, enlightened us about divinity, and added "truthiness" to the nation's vocabulary, Stephen Colbert says his farewell to the Colbert Nation this week to become CBS's new Late Night host. (Sans persona.)

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16 Great Stephen Colbert Moments

As Stephen Colbert pointed out on Tuesday night, “The Colbert Report” is winding down — only 10 shows remain! But how’d he get here? While Colbert famously cut his teeth as a correspondent on “The Daily Show,” he took his most significant step toward hosting a show of his own when he began doing guest-hosting stints for Jon Stewart (10 times!) starting in 2001. Below we’ve compiled a selection of hosting highlights, from Colbert’s time on “The Daily Show” through the moment he announced his departure from “The Report.”

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Colbert Mocks Media Hysteria Over Chocolate Shortage

Stephen Colbert counted down the three things he’s most afraid of in last night’s “Threat Down.” In descending order they are America’s standards of sexiness, the possibility we’ll run out of chocolate, and that Christopher Columbus may not have been the first person to sail to the Americas. (I have a bone to pick with Colbert, because of course his blowhard character neglected to mention the role of climate change in the declining production of chocolate.)

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Stewart, Colbert Save the Day: Bill O’Reilly and Fox News’ ISIS Insanity Makes Them More Essential than Ever

As the nation continues airstrikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the U.S. public is bracing for yet another military conflict in the Middle East.  And in order to make sense of this new crisis viewers are finding that “fake news” often offers better analysis than the so-called “real news.” While Fox News’s Eric Bolling called the first female UAE pilot that bombed the Islamic State “boobs on the ground” and coverage on all major news channels mistakenly described ISIS as an imminent threat to the United States, fake news offered the U.S. public a refreshing dose of reality.

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Stephen Colbert & BIll Moyers: The Sudden Disappearance of the Voting Rights Act

Last night, Bill Moyers dropped by The Colbert Report to talk about the July 9 Frontline documentary, "Two American Families,” featuring two hard-working Milwaukee families whose stories of economic hardship and perseverance Moyers has been chronicling since 1992. Colbert peppered Moyers with questions about personal responsibility and the need for a middle class in the first place.

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How Right-Wing Media Tricked Republicans into Fearing a Group that Doesn't Even Exist

On his show last night, Stephen Colbert ridiculed Republican lawmakers for believing conspiracy theories about Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel. Last week, reported Hagel’s connection to “friends of Hamas,” a group “so sinister that it doesn’t even exist.”

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Has the Government Finally "Grown a Pair"?

Last night, Stephen Colbert examined the Justice Department’s lawsuit against ratings agency Standard and Poor's, which the government has launch a whole five years after Wall Street’s risky gambling hurled the US into its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

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Stephen Colbert vs. Michael Steele, Epic Rap Battle Goes Down

Oh my. Colbert may have tight rhymes, but Steele brings it hard like ... well, you know ... steel.

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Colbert Takes on the Head of 'the Greatest Transition Team of All Time'

Last night, Center for American Progress President and CEO John Podesta appeared as the guest on The Colbert Report. Podesta and host Stephen Colbert discussed "what is the hardest thing transitioning from one president to another" and why John "didn’t pick himself" for a White House job. At the end of the interview, Colbert stumps Podesta with a question. Watch to find out what it was [after the flip]:

Toby Keith's Holiday Message for Liberals

I'm pretty sure this is satire.I'm not a fan of Toby Keith at all, but I'll make an exception for this one time.