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Greg Palast: Trump Picks the Al Capone of Vote-Rigging to Investigate Federal Voter Fraud

Kris Kobach was spooning down vanilla ice cream when I showed him the thick pages of evidence documenting his detailed plan to rig the presidential election of 2016. The Kansas secretary of state, sucking up carbs at a Republican Party fundraiser, recognized the documents and ran for it while still trying to wolf down the last spoonful.

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Greg Palast: Trump's Tax Cuts Are More Evidence America's Greedy Billionaires Have Staged a Political Coup

Investigative journalist and filmmaker Greg Palast has spent decades covering two intertwined topics fueling the demise of American democracy: stolen elections and greedy billionaires. Trump's call for massive corporate tax cuts doesn't just revive failed Reagan-era economic policies, it's another sign of how America's super-rich have staged a coup. Palast, a trained economist, talked to AlterNet's Steven Rosenfeld.  

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Greg Palast's New Film Exposes How Republican Oligarchs Are Crusading to Stop People of Color and the Poor from Voting

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court stopped a Florida recount and awarded the White House to George W. Bush in 2000, every presidential election has seen an array of activists, investigative reporters and even candidates predict it will be stolen and sabotaged by scheming operatives using the darkest of political arts.

The 2016 election has witnessed more of this than ever. There’s Donald Trump, suggesting the vote will be rigged, unless of course, he wins. There’s the FBI saying Russians hacked into the state voter registration databases in Arizona and Illinois, prompting the federal government and states to launch new voting security squads. There’s longtime civil rights leaders bemoaning the Supreme Court’s 2013 gutting by its conservative majority of the enforcement provisions in the 1965 Voting Rights Act. This has sparked many red states to adopt an array of anti-voter laws making it harder for poor people and minorities to register, requiring people to obtain state photo IDs and eliminating options like early voting, weekend voting and same-day registration.

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