Why It's So Important for Kids to See Diverse TV and Movie Characters

The hype surrounding “Black Panther” has been as hyperbolic as any feat its characters might perform, with the film being praised for its layered story and what’s been described as its “Afrofuturist” cast. And “Black Panther” will be joined by “A Wrinkle in Time,” another film with blockbuster potential and an interracial cast.

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Enough Native Stereotyping: Dakota Pipeline Showdown at Standing Rock Is Where Native American Are Drawing the Line

In bad movies (and bad history alike), the Native American ceremonial pipe figured prominently as symbol of defeat -- typically in a cliched scene of subdued chieftains signing a treaty of surrender and passing around a "peace pipe" in a sorrowful gesture to seal the raw deal.

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10 Myths Many Religious People Hold About Atheists, Debunked

In a regular poll conducted by political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell on American political attitudes, atheists recently lost their spot as as the most disliked group in America to the Tea Party. Still, number two is simply way too high in the unpopularity rankings for a group of people who just happen to spend Sunday mornings in bed instead of in church. Polling data shows that nearly half of Americans would disapprove if their child married an atheist and nearly 40 percent of Americans don’t see atheists as sharing their vision of American society, numbers that outstripped similar prejudices toward Muslims and African Americans.

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The Things I Learned Writing About the Middle East

Writing about and reporting the Middle East is not an easy task, especially during these years of turmoil and upheaval. While physical maps remain largely intact, the geopolitical map of the region is in constant influx. Following and reporting about these constant changes without a deep and compassionate understanding of the region will achieve little but predictable and lackluster content that offers nothing original, but recycled old ideas and stereotypes.

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Why Are Millions of People Watching These Disgusting Youtube Prank Videos?

I enjoy most YouTube prank videos. I love a clever, creative joke that involves some harmless fun at the expense of the victim, such as watching a guy wriggle and squirm in confused discomfort after his girlfriend secretly rubs Icy Hot gel on his underwear.

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Need a 'Bias Cleanse?' Here’s How One Campaign Is Tackling Racial and Gender Stereotypes

In the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, the Southern Poverty Law Center and MTV have teamed up to create a campaign that tackles various stereotypes.

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VIRAL VIDEO: If Latinos Said the Stuff White People Said

Buzzfeed Yellow has struck again with another video that holds a painful mirror up to white people, and shows how white privilege causes white folks to say really stereotypical, racist and just plain dumb things to Latinos. The series has already lampooned whites with the "If Black People Said the Stuff White People Said" and "If Asian People Said the Things White People Said." Every race has its own annoyingly repetitive tropes to deal with: for Latinos, it's often things like, "I love your accent," or, from the spoof, "I hooked up with a white guy once. He was crazy!" There's always the,"if you went to a really good college it must be because of your race," bit of offensiveness, too.

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Do You Ignore Homeless People?

A few years ago, as David Sleppy was walking around downtown Toronto, he spotted a young homeless man who reminded him of his son, sleeping on a sidewalk.

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Why Does America Love Gossiping About Young, Drug-Using Women Like Cat Marnell?

Beauty writer and self-proclaimed party girl Cat Marnell doesn’t give a shit. At least, that was the headline of a recent Vice magazine article about the “troubled drug-addicted beauty-queen.” A former beauty and health editor at the women’s lifestyle Web site xoJane, Marnell very publicly refused to enter rehab, got fired from xoJane and hired at Vice, where she continues to write shamelessly about her cocaine, Adderall and PCP binges.

Whether you love or hate her, Cat Marnell is unique because she not only accepts a role condemned by society, she actually flaunts this identity. As Sady Doyle writes, Marnell embodies the female “wreck” -- a hot mess of smeared lipstick, cigarettes and stumbling, perhaps best personified by the pop star Ke$sha, whose conflation of pleasure and downfall climaxes in her hit song “Your Love is a Drug.”  Marnell’s compliance with that role is what makes her different. It is also part of what so many find sad.

Some envy Marnell’s talent, and her willingness to sacrifice health for excitement and attention. In the New York Times magazine, former alcoholic Sarah Hepola wrote:

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5 Big Media Stereotypes About the South (And the Real Story Behind Them)

Stereotypes about the south are nothing new. In fact, they often date back to the Civil War. They tend to denigrate the Southern poor, under-educated and rural in ways that bear striking resemblance to Republican rhetoric that demonizes the poor in general. But every election season, those of us who have spent most of our lives in the South are reminded of the devastating misconceptions that many other Americans have about us. The Right romanticizes us as the “real America” while the Left treats us a punchline. Polling organizations like Public Policy Polling design studies that target Southern states and reinforce the national sense that we are backward and dim-witted. Here are just a few of the ways in which popular political narratives distort the contemporary realities of Southern life in historical context.

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Laughing at Pot Advocates? What's so Funny About Drug War?

For all the progress that's been made towards bringing the drug policy debate into the political mainstream, there remains a tragic tendency among many in the press to burst out laughing at the idea of fixing our disastrous drug laws. The latest embarrassing example comes courtesy of Al Kamen in The Washington Post:

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