A historian explains why Trump's red-baiting attack on socialism shows how weak he really is

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave a meandering and overwrought State of the Union address, swinging wildly from discussions of abortion politics to national security with little grace or sense.

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Was Martin Luther King a socialist?

“The Millennial socialists are coming,” declared a June 30 New York Times headline, describing a surprise surge of young female candidates endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America who beat their establishment opponents in primary races in New York and Pennsylvania. No longer is being a socialist considered scary — at least if you came of age after the Fall of the Wall. For many, it’s a breath of fresh air.

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Diabolical and Deliberately Evil: Here's Why the GOP's Plans for America This Fall Are Genuinely Frightening

As we enter another long season of direful winter darkness, we are beset by back-to-back waves of spooks. First come the little costumed goblins on Halloween, seeking sweet treats from us to ward off any trickery they might pull. Cute.

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How the Numbers Can Lie: Paul Krugman Explains Why European Social Democracies Are So Much Better Off than the United States

Apropos of absolutely nothing, the White House released a new report this week decrying the dangers of "socialism" — and was roundly mocked for wasting government time on producing such a patently unnecessary and brazenly partisan document.

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Ben Carson Unleashes the Most Absurd Kavanaugh Conspiracy Theory Yet: A Centuries-Old Socialist Plot Is Working Against Him

Though there have been many disturbing and demeaning defenses put forward to defend Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh against accusations of sexual assault made by professor Christine Blasey Ford, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson pushed clearly the most absurd conspiracy theory yet about the allegations Friday night.

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Paul Krugman Debunks the Conservative Myth of the Power of Unfettered Capitalism

In a new column for the New York Times, economist Paul Krugman took aim at one of the prevailing and most influential articles of faith for Republicans and conservatives: that less government means more freedom.

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Are American Workers Really Opposed to Socialism?

At a time when the American population is radicalizing, when popular movements are coalescing around “radical” demands—Medicare for All, the abolition of ICE, tuition-free college, in general the demand to make society livable for everyone—it can be useful to draw collective inspiration from the past. Irruptions of the popular will have on innumerable occasions reshaped history, remade the terrain of class struggle such that the ruling class was, at least for a moment, thrown on the defensive and forced to retreat. Especially when pundits and politicians are insisting on the virtues of centrism and the essential conservatism of Americans, it is important to remember just how false these shibboleths are, particularly in a time of economic stagnation and acute social discontent.

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Paul Krugman Explains Why Support for Socialism Is Growing in the United States

Americans conservatives are frequently lighting their hair on fire to warn the country that growing support for socialism will soon place the United States on the path to ruin like Venezuela.

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Mexico Elected a Left-Wing President - But Will He Be Able to Govern As a Socialist?

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (also known as AMLO) led his National Regeneration Movement (also known as Morena) to a landslide in the Mexican elections on Sunday. He won the presidential race with more than half the vote. His party comrades are poised to have a large presence in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. This is a seismic shift for Mexico. It is comparable to the victory of Vicente Fox of the National Action Party (PAN) in 2000. At that time, Fox’s party broke the long-standing one-party rule of the PRI, whose name (Party of the Institutionalized Revolution) captured the stasis of its governance. Over the past decade and a half, the PRI and the PAN fought each other in elections, but their power base fused into what people began to call the PRI-PAN. This PRI-PAN became a new ruling bloc that enabled the one-party rule of the oligarchs. López Obrador and Morena broke out from that suffocation with the promise to chart a new way. It is what earned them the landslide.

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How Should We Remember Karl Marx on His 200th Birthday?

Some would argue that Karl Marx, author of “Capital,” has been proven wrong on just about everything he wrote. The founder of scientific socialism was born 200 years ago on May 5.

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Republican Congressman Seriously Claims GOP Officials Are Retiring Over Fear of Violent Socialists

There’s a mythology that goes around the conservative and the white supremacist movement on social media. It’s that everything that seems to one’s eyes and ears to be true is in fact false. While most domestic terrorists are white men with conservative, frequently hate-filled ideological leanings, they are in fact mentally ill left-wing socialists!

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