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Former Kim Davis Attorney Makes Chilling Prediction: Same-Sex Marriage Rights May Be Reversed in 'Months'

The far-right attorney best known for representing Kentucky court clerk Kim Davisand Alabama failed GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, says he believes in a few months the U.S. Supreme Court will end the rights to same-sex marriage and abortion. Liberty Counsel chief Mat Staver says overturning two vital Supreme Court precedents: Roe v. Wade and Obergerfell, will happen soon.

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Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Will Try to Unseat Her in 2018

Local elections are heating up, including one for Rowan county clerk in Kentucky. The position, currently held by gay marriage opponent Kim Davis, is being challenged by one of the men to whom she denied a marriage license in 2015. This continues a trend of everyday people defiantly challenging incumbents with whom they have personal scores to settle, which began in the Virginia elections this November.

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North Dakota Votes Down Marriage Equality Even Though It's Already Legal

Despite becoming legal nationwide in 2015, North Dakota is still formally opposing same-sex marriage. After the Supreme Court’s decision, the state (like many others) needed to update its local laws to reflect the new freedom by removing mention of marriage between “one man and one woman” and “husband and wife.” However, Republicans in the state Senate defeated the new bill after if passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Seriously, North Dakota? This is just a formality at this point — you guys are just being incredibly bigoted and stubborn.

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Pope Francis Fires Vatican Ambassador to U.S. Who Set Up Meeting With Kim Davis

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is a staunch conservative and was vocally opposed to same-sex marriage throughout his five-year tenure as the Vatican’s nuncio (ambassador) to the United States. He also sent an anonymous invite to Kim Davis, of anti-equality fame, to the Pope’s DC visit. While people here and elsewhere initially thought this was a coup for Davis and bigotry, Pope Francis turned the other cheek.

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The Scourge of Religious Freedom Bills Has Less to Do With Gay Marriage Than You Think

Why has religious freedom become such a hot topic around the nation?

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10 Good Things About the Not-So-Great Year 2015

It would certainly be easy to do a piece about 10 horrible events from 2015, from the ongoing war in Syria and the refugee crisis, to the bombings in Beirut, Paris and San Bernardino, to the rise of Donald Trump and Islamophobia. But that wouldn’t be a very inspiring way to bid farewell to this year and usher in a new one. So let’s look at 10 reasons to feel better about 2015.

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7 Great Things That Happened in 2015

Because Progress Never Stops!

The end of 2015 is almost here! As we near our holiday break, we’d like to take the time to highlight our favorite 7 progressive victories of 2015:

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Lesbian Couple Says Cop Arrested Them for Kissing in Public

Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero, a lesbian couple from Los Angeles, say they were harassed and thrown in jail by a cop while on vacation in Hawaii—all because he didn’t like the sight of the same-sex couple kissing in public. The two have filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging discrimination, and the Honolulu Police Department says it has opened an internal investigation.

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Why Kim Davis Perfectly Reflects America's Broken Politics

A survey conducted in February found that most Republicans supported officially making the United States a Christian Nation. In 2013, a poll by the First Amendment Center found that 51% of Americans erroneously believe the US was founded as a Christian nation.

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Deputy Clerk Vows to Defy Kim Davis and Continue Issuing Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Kim Davis is taking the day off after her release from jail on contempt charges.

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AlterNet Comics: Matt Bors on What Kim Davis Didn't See Coming