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recreational marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shifts left proposing legalizing recreational marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that he would push to legalize recreational marijuana in the Empire State next year — another sign that the Democrat's centrist approach to policy-making has shifted left in recent months after a primary challenge from "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon, who ran to the left of the three-term executive as a self-described "Democratic socialist."

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Marijuana Is Now Expected to Become a $25 Billion Industry by 2025

The American marijuana industry should hit $25 billion in sales by 2025, according to the latest estimate by the industry analytics firm New Frontier Data. That would put pot in the same league as such well-established industries as radio, video games, children's toys, and the market research industry.

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How High Can You Get Off That Pot Brownie? Regulating Marijuana Edibles Keeps Them From Being an Iffy Proposition

From cookies, chocolate and ice cream to gummy bears, soda and trail mix, many U.S. marijuana dispensaries can resemble a THC-filled sweet shop. Marijuana edibles are a popular, sometimes necessary, alternative for patients with serious illnesses or those who simply don’t want to breath smoke. And they generally taste delicious.

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Colorado Pot Shops Rake in More Than $1M Statewide

Pot shop owners say they have collectively made more than a million dollars statewide since 1st January, 9 News reported.

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Feds Won't Interfere With Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder made a historic move Thursday, August 29 when he informed the governors of Colorado and Washington that the federal government would not interfere with their states' laws allowing for the legal use of marijuana.

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7 Ways Booze Is More Dangerous Than Pot

No substantial evidence links marijuana to traffic accidents, domestic violence or cancer, yet pot is illegal and listed as a Schedule I controlled substance by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Meanwhile, alcohol remains legal despite the fact that it has been proven to contribute to many societal ills, including domestic violence and auto accidents. 

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