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'He hates that letter': Trump is reportedly furious at Defense Sec. James Mattis' resignation - here's why

Defense Secretary James Mattis dropped a major bombshell into an already frantic Washington, D.C., this week by officially resigning in protest from the Trump administration.

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'He sees it all crumbling around him': MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace reveals why Trump's behavior has become so erratic and dangerous

Even in a White House that is often called undisciplined, chaotic, disorganized and frenzied, this week has been especially out of control for President Donald Trump.

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'They're going to absolutely crush him': Trump is reportedly panicking and 'losing it' as Democrats finally gain the upper hand

President Donald Trump is not used to presiding over a divided government, and it's clear he's not going to like it.

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'Fear grips Republican officeholders': Conservative writer explains why Trump's chances of impeachment are rising

Between the threat of a partial shutdown of the federal government, President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, Michael Flynn’s legal problems, the tumbling stock market, and Defense Secretary James Mattis's resignation, it's been a chaotic week for the White House.

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Chief Justice John Roberts just proved he's willing to stand up to Trump

Despite claims to be in favor of 'law and order,' the Trump administration has been essentially trying to change American asylum law by fiat. But on Friday, the Supreme Court blocked the administration's attempt to jumpstart its cruel policies, which were previously blocked by a federal judge in California.

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Here are 3 blatant ways Trump completely contradicted himself on key issues this week

The American people have grown used to President Donald Trump's lies — they're no more surprising than the morning sunrise, at this point. But increasingly, Trump's claims don't just contradict reality — they contradict his own previous claims.

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'He just re-founded ISIS!': Fox & Friends host humiliates Sarah Sanders live on air using Trump's own words

Brian Kilmeade, the host of President Donald Trump's favorite morning show, "Fox & Friends," ripped into the president over his abrupt announcement that he wants to withdraw all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria— a decision Kilmeade warned would allow the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, to re-establish its reduced power.

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Here's how a government shutdown would hurt the American economy

President Donald Trump and Congress are once again on the verge of a partial federal government shutdown. If they fail to reach an agreement, it would be the third shutdown in two years.

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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis calls out Trump's shady treatment of Russia in his brutal resignation letter

President Donald Trump stunned observers Thursday evening when, in the midst of a tense government shutdown fight and the day after he announced an unexpected U.S. withdrawal from Syria, he said on Twitter that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will be retiring at the end of February. In reality, it was clear Mattis quit.

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'That’s what the f*ck serving in Congress has come to': Republican lawmakers grow sick and tired of Trump's demands for a border wall

On Wednesday night, Republicans in the U.S. Senate—hoping to avoid a government shutdown—passed a spending bill that would fund the federal government through February 8, 2019. But the bill did not include the $5 billion for a U.S./Mexico border wall that President Donald Trump has been demanding—and the president is refusing to sign it. To further complicate matters, most senators have already left town for the holidays.

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Here's why this media scholar changed her mind and now thinks there's a 'very strong' case Russia won the 2016 election for Trump

The Russian government's campaign to interfere in the 2016 American presidential election in order to install Donald Trump in the White House may be one of the greatest intelligence operations in modern history.

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