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political correctness

Political correctness is rampant on the right wing - but no one ever admits it

Conservatives were completely outraged last week after "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson mocked then-candidate — now Congressman-elect — Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for wearing an eye patch as the result of an injury he sustained as a military service member.

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Here's Why the Fight Over 'Political Correctness' Is Totally Bogus

Writer Yascha Mounk has a new story at the Atlantic with a title guaranteed to grab attention: "Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture." Drawing from a new report, “Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape,” Mounk reports that “80 percent believe that ‘political correctness’ is a problem,” even though, as he later admits, “we cannot be sure what, exactly, the 80 percent of Americans who regard it as a problem have in mind.” But don’t let a mere detail like that interrupt a perfectly good line of BS — and what a good line it is! It’s a troubling indicator of a well-intentioned project with some promising ideas gone badly awry.

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Disgraced Google Employee James Damore Is Just Asking Questions About the KKK

Everyone’s favorite fired Google employee is yet again sparking outrage with one of his ridiculously hot takes. Instead of arguing that women have been simply locked out of tech because of “biological differences,” as he suggested in the leaked memo that got him fired from Google last month, James Damore has decided to take up a peculiar defense of America’s most infamous white supremacists.

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AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on the Alarming Similarities Between Fox News and the Far Left on Russia


The Unholy Crusade Against Political Correctness Was All the Cover Donald Trump Needed

From the autumn of 2015 through the end of Donald Trump’s vulgar, violence-invoking, free-speech-threatening ascent to the presidency, a broad swath of America’s chattering classes and upscale college alumni consumed itself in denouncing something different. Instead of taking alarm at Trump's many breathtaking threats to quash freedoms of dissent, the chorus of conventional wisdom panicked about the “creeping totalitarianism” that former Harvard President Lawrence Summers warned was being insinuated into American life by (drum roll...) sanctimonious liberal college students and campus elders and by recent graduates in the media and government.

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Handbook for Psychopaths

Today some of our staunchest defenders of freedom seem to regard one freedom as supreme—the freedom from ever having to learn from their mistakes again.

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AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen On Trump Supporters' Obsession With Political Correctness


Where Right-Wingers Get Their Ridiculous Hatred for 'Political Correctness'

The term "political correctness" was hijacked by right-wing ideologues in the late 1980s to trivialize and disparage concern for basic human rights for people whose race, gender, ability, size, or other attributes were inconsistent with the norms established by straight, white, Christian men.

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It's Debt, Not Microagressions, That Has Many College Students Tied Up in Knots

This article is a preview of the Summer 2016 issue. Subscribe here.

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Two Cruel, Stupid GOP Ideas About Drug Addiction

Republican politicians are not generally known for letting pesky facts get in the way of their ideologically-driven policy pronouncements, whether it's this week's Syria refugee panic or their refusal to acknowledge the existence of global climate change, among some quick examples.

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Inside the Bizarre Right-Wing Political Correctness Movement That Threatens Free Speech

Raucous protests at the University of Missouri, Ithaca College and Yale have highlighted the tension between students who desire a tolerant campus and the American value of free speech.

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