Roger Stone Tells Anderson Cooper He Was Poisoned, Still Refuses to Prove It

Roger Stone, a close confidante of President Donald Trump, spent Friday speaking to CNN's Anderson Cooper about the Russia investigation and the president.

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Is Lead in the U.S. Food Supply Decreasing Our IQ?

The environmental advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on June 15 released a study about dietary lead exposure, with a focus on food intended for babies and young children.

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Here Are 47 Common Foods and Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs - and What to Do If Fido Eats One

There was a time that we as pet parents had no clue what was healthy and what was not so healthy for our dogs. However, that has all changed since science has taken a greater interest in our family pets.

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Nine Out of 10 Americans Tested Positive for Monsanto's Cancer-Linked Weedkiller Glyphosate

If you participated in the glyphosate test project launched last year by the Detox Project (formerly Feed The World) and Organic Consumers Association, you probably failed.

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Should You Be Worried About PFOA in Drinking Water? Here's What We Know

Over the past few months, several communities in upstate New York and New England have detected PFOA – perfluorooctanoic acid, or C8, a chemical linked to a range of health issues from cancer to thyroid disease – in their drinking water.

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Lax Regulatory Enforcement Leaves Thousands at Risk of Lead Poisoning in California

California's regulatory agencies have repeatedly failed in their testing, enforcement and cleanup of various lead-contaminated sites in the state, an investigation by Truthout has revealed.

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How Michigan's Emergency Management Law Poisoned Flint's Children

Flint may have finally reconnected to Detroit’s water infrastructure, but the damage done to its population by the ill-advised connection to the Flint River is irreversible. If Michiganders are looking for someone to blame for the travesty in Flint, they need look no further than Governor Rick Snyder and the emergency manager Snyder appointed who unilaterally made a decision that put thousands of children and adults at serious risk.

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Michigan City Declares Public Health Emergency: Children Have Been Drinking Lead-Contaminated Water

After a public health emergency was declared Tuesday due to the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the state is now distributing free water filters and bottled water to the city’s residents, according to Reuters.

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Death for Dinner: Here Are the 17 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Raw octopus, bullfrogs and monkey brains may not be your cup of tea, but in some parts of the world, they are delicious delicacies. But they also have deadly properties. For some, part of allure may be about living — and eating — on the edge.

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Why Sea Lions Are Suffering as the Ocean Warms

A sea lion on a Washington beach curls into a fetal position, shuddering. Then it contorts its neck, craning its head into the air, clearly in distress. NOAA researchers in Washington were horrified by this recent footage from Long Beach:

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