Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Sued Over Misleading Diet Soda Ads

Advertising campaigns behind diet drinks from Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper have long promoted the idea that consumers are taking the healthier, more weight-conscious option when it comes to choosing their favorite sodas. Diet Coke emphasized its drink has "no sugar, no calories." Diet Pepsi tried launching its slender "skinny" can only a handful of years ago. And Diet Dr. Pepper's "Lil Sweet" mascot is no subtle nod to the product’s supposed ability to shrink those who drink it.

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AlterNet Comics: Tom Tomorrow on the Cycle of Public Outrage

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Watch: SNL Hilariously Mocks Pepsi's 'Tone Deaf' Commercial that Exploits Black Lives Matter Protests

While Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad — where the reality star dissolves tensions between protesters and a cordon of police with a single can of the soda — has been pulled off the air, it has not been forgotten as Saturday Night Live reminded them in a brutal take-down.

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If PepsiCo Told You They Suddenly Cared About Your Health, Would You Believe It?

Soda is bad. The sweetened, fixing juice marketed at everyone from teens to the elderly is oft-accused of fattening and killing America, and is seen as a common enemy by health experts and weight loss aficionados alike. And while the soft drink industry is still valued at over $994 billion, Americans—miraculously—are slowly drinking less of the sugary stuff.

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Pepsi, McDonalds, Nestlé, Other Major Brands Implicated in Illegal Destruction of Critical Elephant Habitat (Video)

A Rainforest Action Network field investigation team has documented new evidence of large-scale, illegal rainforest destruction within habitat critical to the survival of the Sumatran elephant, tiger and orangutan. RAN’s research has uncovered supply chain connections that link the rogue palm oil company responsible for the deforestation to major global brands through their shared supplier, Wilmar. The companies implicated include PepsiCo, McDonalds, Nestle, Unilever and Procter and Gamble.

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Pepsi Linked to Child Labor and Worker Exploitation

American food multinational PepsiCo’s Indonesia-made products are linked to child labor, unethically low wages, and worker exploitation, a new investigative report by environmental and labor rights groups has found. 

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Rainforest Activists Just Scored a Big Win Against One of Pepsi's Closest Business Partners

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund has divested from a major snack food company due to its failure to implement ethical palm oil policies. Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), which is valued at around $880 billion, divested from First Pacific Group Ltd (HK: 0142), the parent company of Indonesia-based Indofood, which has controlling interests in one of the biggest plantation companies in Indonesia tied to conflict palm oil.

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With Sales Falling in Rich Countries, Beverage Companies Want the Developing World to Drink More Soda

Americans still drink a lot of soda: Sales in the U.S. were more than $70 billion in 2014, according to Euromonitor International, well ahead of China, the runner-up market, with $28.4 billion. The way we think about, talk about, and legislate soda has changed rather drastically—and we drink relatively less of it too, with consumption dropping 25 percent between 1998 and 2014. So with the threat of soda taxes and warning labelsand an increased popular understanding of the links between sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity, companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are looking to sell more of their products elsewhere—especially in developing markets.

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WATCH: The Super Bowl Ad That Doritos Doesn't Want You to See

When Doritos announced its annual “Crash the Super Bowl” competition, which airs the winning fan-made commercial during the year's most coveted TV advertising opportunity, corporate watchdog SumOfUs answered with “The Ad Doritos Don’t Want You to See.”

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Letting Pepsi Police Itself Isn’t Very Sweet

If you drink Mug Root Beer or the apple-flavored Manzanita Sol soda, you might unwittingly become one of the first people to try a brand new artificial sweetener. The new product is called Sweetmyx 617, and PepsiCo is blending it with high fructose corn syrup to reduce the calories in these sugary drinks.

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Soda Wars: How Big Beverage Targets Poor People and Compromises Their Health

Every five years, the U.S. federal government releases its "Dietary Guidelines for Americans," a joint production of the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS). The new one is scheduled to be released in December.

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