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Pentagon officials will face grilling from Congress as Trump raids military projects to pay for his fake emergency border wall

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Defense Department officials will face questions from Congress about the money being diverted from military projects to pay for a border wall as part of President Donald Trump's "national emergency":

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Trump's acting Defense secretary is now under investigation for using his office to enrich his former employer

On Wednesday, POLITICO reported that Patrick Shanahan, President Donald Trump's acting Secretary of Defense, is under investigation by the inspector general of the Pentagon for allegedly using his office to enrich aerospace giant Boeing, his former employer of 31 years:

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New report says the Pentagon secretly trained fighters for combat in Yemen — then lied about it

On Wednesday, Yahoo News revealed new documents from late 2017 that show, contrary to the Defense Department's insistence that it is neutral in the bloody conflict in Yemen perpetrated by a coalition of Saudi Arabia and its allies, the U.S. appears to have provided training to forces from the United Arab Emirates, which is part of the coalition:

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A look at Paul Ryan's illustrious career as a cash grab for billionaires

Each New Year’s, my wife and I indulge one of our favorite traditions: the household purge. We scour our closets for stuff that’s just taking up space, quietly draining our home’s energy, and move it along. I can’t recommend it enough.

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The Pentagon doesn't deserve the media's sympathies

It is a sign of our times that our media attempt to decipher future government policy by analyzing the president’s tweets, like some bizarre game of telephone. Throughout November, there was speculation of a coming reduction in military spending, and when Donald Trump took to Twitter (12/3/18) to describe the $716 billion budget as “crazy,” media took this as confirmation.

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'It's Like The Truman Show': Government Officials Are Reportedly Ignoring Trump's Twitter Demands Because He Still Doesn't Know How to Be President

After more than a year and a half in office, you might have guessed Donald Trump would have figured out this whole "president" thing. But you'd be wrong.

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Here's How the EPA and Pentagon Deliberately Hid a Growing Toxic Threat from Americans

The chemicals once seemed near magical, able to repel water, oil and stains.

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Mass Poisoning and Domestic Military Attacks: Secretive Pentagon Documents Predict Dystopian Dangers in the US

For almost 20 years, U.S. drone warfare was largely one-sided. Unlike Afghans and Yemenis, Iraqis and Somalis, Americans never had to worry about lethal robots hovering overhead and raining down missiles. Until, that is, one appeared in the skies above Florida.

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America's War Against Immigrants on the Border Started Way Before Trump

At first, I thought I had inadvertently entered an active war zone. I was on a lonely two-lane road in southern New Mexico heading for El Paso, Texas. Off to the side of the road, hardly concealed behind some desert shrubs, I suddenly noticed what seemed to be a tank. For a second, I thought I might be seeing an apparition. When I stopped to take a picture, a soldier wearing a camouflage helmet emerged from the top of the Stryker, a 19-ton, eight-wheeled combat vehicle that was regularly used in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He looked my way and I offered a pathetic wave. To my relief, he waved back, then settled behind what seemed to be a large surveillance display mounted atop the vehicle. With high-tech binoculars, he began to monitor the mountainous desert that stretched toward Mexico, 20 miles away, as if the enemy might appear at any moment.

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More Than 3,000 Google Employees Demand Company Cease Work on 'Evil' Project

More than 3,000 Google employees have signed a letter that's circulating in the company demanding that the tech giant end its involvement in Project Maven, a Pentagon program that could be used to develop drone technology.

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Trump Said U.S. Will Withdraw from Syria 'Very Soon' - No One Has a Clue What He's Talking About

During a speech Thursday about infrastructure, President Donald Trump decided to make a deeply consequential foreign policy announcement, apparently on a whim.

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