This Is How the Future Will Taste: 6 High-Tech Foods That Are Changing the Way We Eat and Drink

The global food system faces an uncertain future. Consumer preferences continue to shift in the face of health, environmental and animal welfare concerns, and a warming climate means we’ll soon have to do more with less.

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San Francisco Just Passed America’s Toughest Anti-Styrofoam Law

San Francisco residents will soon have to drink their to-go cups of coffee out of something else, because those soft Styrofoam cups will be no more.

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The Creepy Way Processed Food Packaging Messes With Your Hormones

As if it weren’t already enough of a headache to find non-toxic, safe and healthy food to eat, a recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspective reveals that the packaging used for certain food products can impact hormones. Researchers for the study found that people who eat more fast food have significantly increased rates of phthalates—industrial chemicals used to make plastics—in their systems. The study authors attribute the trend to chemicals seeping from plastic packaging into foods.

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How Fast Food Targets You: The Secret Science Behind McDonald’s, Snickers and Fritos

Reprinted with permission from Packaged Pleasures: How Technology and Marketing Revolutionized Desire by Gary S. Cross and Robert N. Proctor, published by the University of Chicago Press. © 2014 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. This excerpt first appeared on Salon.

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7 Dangerous Lies About Plastic

To receive a Ph.D in industrial chemistry in the United States, no American university requires candidates to take even a single toxicology class as part of their course work. We churn out new chemists with the divine power to manipulate the very structure of nature itself, without teaching them the divine wisdom of how to wield that power.

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Compostable or Recyclable? Why Bioplastics Are Causing an Environmental Headache

You’re standing in front of three bins – one for compost, one for recycling and one for landfill – holding an empty container called a “PlantBottle” and a clear plastic cup embossed with the recycling triangle and the number seven. Now what?

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