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Scientists Say Humans' 'Lack of Empathy' Is Leading to Global Species Annihilation

No bells tolled when the last Catarina pupfish on Earth died. Newspapers didn’t carry the story when the Christmas Island pipistrelle vanished forever.

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We Would Need 1.7 Earths to Sustain Humanity's Current Rate of Resource Consumption

August 2 was Earth Overshoot Day. Unlike Earth Day, it’s not a time to celebrate. As the Earth Overshoot Day website explains, it marks the time when "we will have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year." That's the definition of "unsustainable" and it means we're using up the biological capital that should be our children's legacy. We would require 1.7 Earths to meet our current annual demands sustainably.

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Having More Stuff Doesn't Mean More Happiness - and It's Really Horrible for the Planet

Consumption. By a strange shift of meaning, this 19th-century word describing a serious and often fatal disease is the same word used now for a way of life focused on material goods. Is it time to bring back its negative, and often deadly, associations into our public discourse?

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It’s Time to Stop Using Plastic Drinking Straws: They Harm Wildlife and Are Bad for the Environment (Video)

When it comes to environmental issues facing our planet, everybody likes to pass the buck. Conscientious consumers will blame big business for wasteful production practices. Corporations in turn contend they are merely meeting supply and demand. Neither group is completely wrong. The real problem, though, comes when both sides aren’t willing to change their behavior.

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If You're an Average American, the Amount of Raw Materials You Consume Is Shocking

How much raw material does it take to support you? If you’re an average African, about 3 metric tons (3.3 tons) — the equivalent of an elephant’s worth of biomass, fossil fuels, metal ores and nonmetallic minerals — per year. But if you’re an average North American, make that a whopping eight elephants.

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If You Thought K-Cups Were Bad, Wait Until Pods Come to Soda

Despite the fervor over third-wave coffee bars and National Coffee Day freebies — that would be today, Sept. 29, if social media hasn’t informed you yet—we as a nation don’t drink all that much java. The average consumption amounts to less than a cup a day per capita annually, far less than, say, the nearly 2.5 cups a day enjoyed in the Netherlands—the world leader in coffee consumption.

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The Closest Humanity Ever Came to Preventing Its Own Extinction from Climate Change

Those who tell the stories rule the world, it’s said, but it’s hard to tell a story unless you know the ending.

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Why Establishing a Guaranteed Income for All Can Help Prevent Environmental Catastrophe

This article originally appeared in Jacobin, and is reprinted here with their permission.

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The Good Life Doesn't Have to Cost Us the Planet

For a while, it looked as though everything would fall apart. There was the triple crunch of the global credit crisis, declining oil supplies, and the threat of runaway climate change driven by massive overconsumption by rich countries and the elites in poor countries.

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I agree with Michelle Malkin

After a rousing breakfast of kitty cats and brass tacks, I picture Michelle Malkin hitting the keyboard each day to further the noble cause of bashing "the Left."

Her most recent launch pad to lunacy is the billboard parked out front of Grover Norquist's office featuring a quote of his writ large (see photo).

Now Malkin, whose hatred for the Left is apparently the only thing that trumps her toe-sucking of the Republican Party, uses this as an opportunity to show just "how out of touch the Left is."

You see, in her world the Katrina tragedy wasn't the child of a well-documented and well-coordinated attempt to "starve the beast" of government -- one agency and program at a time. The proof? There are Republicans in congress who run fast and loose with your money.

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