Does Thinking You Look Fat Impact How Much Money You Earn?

Two things people often think about are money and their appearance. Past research has shown that there is a correlation between the two: People subjectively considered attractive earn more.

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How the U.S. Military Played a Role in America's Obesity Crisis

There’s no avoiding the debris of modern living on a trip to your local grocery store—rows and rows of foods and products that, if not ready to eat, are designed and packaged to be prepared quickly and to last an age. Makes sense, right? Busy lives require time-saving measures.

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The Coca-Cola Invasion Is Causing Mexico's Slow Death by Junk Food

A new Coca-Cola-run shop opens roughly every eight hours in Mexico. But despite this full-scale corporate takeover of Mexico's cities, towns and diet, most people believe the severe obesity and diabetes problems here are down to local culture and individual choices. They would be wrong.

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Coca-Cola Sees Public Health Debate as 'a Growing War,' Documents Reveal

Coca-Cola intentionally funded the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) as a "weapon" in a "growing war between the public health community and private industry" on the causes of obesity, according to a press release sent to EcoWatch by consumer group U.S. Right to Know.

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Our Fight With Fat: Why Is Obesity Getting Worse?

Gyms across the country will be packed in the new year with people sticking, however briefly, to their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Most of them do not know that the cards are stacked against them and that weight loss is much more complicated than working out and not eating dessert.

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This Is How Legal Cannabis Is Improving Public Health

Legal cannabis access is associated with numerous favorable public health outcomes. Here are just a few of them.

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Big Corporations Like Nestle Are Aggressively Making People Even Fatter Across the Globe

There are now more than 700 million obese people worldwide, 108 million of them children, reported the New York Times recently. In Brazil, food giant Nestle sends vendors door to door hawking its high-calorie junk food and giving customers a full month to pay for their purchases. Such a deal. Nestle calls the junk food hawkers, who are themselves obese, "micro-entrepreneurs." Right.

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Move Over Hippocrates: Harm Reduction as the New Paradigm for Health Care

The concept of "First, do no harm," which is embedded in the oath that kicks off the careers of most new doctors in America, has become something of a surrogate for the practice of medicine. But it's something of a false promise. Doctors routinely cause their patients harm. The oath we should be taking is, "Help…

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We Don't Calculate the True Cost of Our Inhumane, Illogical, Chemical-Based Food System

The true cost of food has been an issue that has affected me since the beginning of my farming life. Ever since I started farming back in the 1970s, I produced milk, wheat and carrots as sustainably as I could manage, but found it difficult to compete with my neighbors who were using chemical production methods, heavily subsidized through the Common Agricultural Policy.

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Voters Push Through Soda Tax in Four More Cities

On Election Day, voters in four cities cast ballots that will triple the number of municipal soda tax measures in the United States. San Francisco, Oakland, Albany, California, and Boulder, Colorado, will join Berkeley and Philadelphia in charging an extra penny or two per ounce for sugar-sweetened beverages.

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Breakfast: Essential or Overrated?

The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been ingrained in our thinking. But is it true? The traditional argument is that breakfast is critical to good health. But some experts argue that this idea is overblown.

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