5 Deeply Obnoxious Things We Learned About Donald Trump This Week

Donald Trump spent Thanksgiving week leaking the names of his potential cabinet picks, making Mitt Romney grovel, and turning down security briefings. He also made time to sit down with the New York Times to flatter and lie to them, which seems to have inexplicably fooled the paper of record into saying, Look, he's not that bad. The next day, the Times ran a piece about how Trump was “diversifying” his cabinet appointments because he gave Nikki Haley a job for which he has no respect and she has no qualifications, U.N. representative. His appointments ping-ponged between know-nothings, right-wing ideologues the likes of which would make Dick Cheney blush, and gazillionaires who have gutted the very working class Trump once claimed to champion.

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Trump, the GOP and Media Are Trying to Make Trump Seem ‘Normal’

There is no sense in mincing words, even at the risk of sounding alarmist: Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy. Andrew Sullivan, in his much-discussed essayin New York Magazine, said as much, calling Trump “an extinction-level event.”

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