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'Saturday Night Live' has a problem even Matt Damon can't solve

As “Saturday Night Live” closes out 2018, its 44th season has at long last found the breakout player: Matt Damon. Not a repertory player, a guest. And a very occasional one at that.

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'Straight Bull': Fox News' Tomi Lahren Is Furious Megyn Kelly Actually Faces Consequences for Racism

On Thursday, Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC following her complaint on air that it used to be socially acceptable to dress up in blackface for Halloween.

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'This Is on the President!': CNN Host Destroys Ex-Trump Aide's Attempt to Blame the Media for the Russia Probe

As special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation looms over the Trump administration, the president tried a new line of defense Thursday morning by casting doubt on the interview in which he admitted to firing FBI Director James Comey because he believed the Russia story was phony — a key piece of evidence, many argue, for obstruction of justice.

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Megyn Kelly Wants Jimmy Kimmel Banned from Hosting Oscars for Saying Republicans Are 'Stupid'

NBC Today host Megyn Kelly said on Thursday that ABC host Jimmy Kimmel shouldn't be allowed to host the Oscars because of his comments about Republicans.

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'To Call Her Dishonest Is Unfair': Fox News Reporter Condemns Trump for Attacking NBC Colleague and CNN

Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts criticized President Donald Trump on Friday for calling competing networks dishonest and 'fake news' during a U.K. press conference.

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Michelle Wolf Blasts CNN As 'Complicit' in Spreading Trump's Lies: 'You’re All getting Paid and We’re All Getting F**ked'

No one rips into reporters like Michelle Wolf. In a nod to her controversial White House Correspondents Dinner monologue where she pulled no punches on the state of journalism, the comedian returned to the topic Sunday during her Netflix show "The Break."

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'They Felt They Had Nothing to Lose': NBC Reporter Explains Why Gaza Residents Risk Death to Protest

As Israeli soldiers killed dozens of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza on Monday and wounded, top officials in President Donald Trump's administration celebrated the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, not all that far away. The images of ceremony and celebration along with protest and bloodshed reveal the fundamental divide that is crucial to understanding the position Gaza is in — and why this kind of violence breaks out.

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Bornstein Admits to CNN That He Didn't Write Glowing 2015 Letter About Trump's Health - It Was Dictated by Trump

President Donald Trump's former longtime personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein now admits that the bizarre 2015 letter about the then-candidate's health was actually written by Trump.

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Why Are the Media Letting Republicans Off the Hook for America's Mass Shootings?

The horrific mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, yesterday has once again touched off a discussion about what can be done to stop the escalating series of bloody massacres that only happen with this regularity in our country. The preordained answer, of course, is nothing. The Republican Party controls the White House and both houses of Congress, and its commitment to the National Rifle Association’s maximalist position on gun rights cannot be shaken -- not by dead schoolchildren, not by the fact that two members of Congress have been gunned down in the last decade, not by anything.

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Megyn Kelly Proves She's the Same Old Wingnut from Fox News in Vicious Attack on Jane Fonda

Megyn Kelly may be an NBC host now, but her January 22 monologue about actress Jane Fonda reveals how little Kelly has deviated from her signature Fox News diatribes.

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This Hilarious Trump Spoof from Comedy Central Is an Early Christmas Gift

In a special holiday episode of The President Show, a satirical look at the Trump administration on Comedy Central, President Donald Trump and a reporter sing a duet about the cynical relationship they enjoy.

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