Texas Republicans will meet with anti-Muslim leader before vote to eject party official for being Muslim

On Wednesday, the Dallas Morning News reported that the Tarrant County Republican Party will be meeting with the leader of an anti-Muslim hate group on December 29, less than two weeks before their upcoming January 10 vote on whether to remove county GOP Vice Chairman Shahid Shafi for being a practicing Muslim:

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Trump Is Lying About 9/11 - Again -  to Defend His Abominable Behavior

During his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump faced heavy criticism for repeatedly lying when he claimed that he saw "thousands" of "Arabs" celebrating in New Jersey when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. This was widely panned as an outrageous lie — and a deeply racist one at that — and yet his campaign continued and eventually succeeded.

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Tennessee State Trooper Tries to Leak Democratic Candidate's 'Muslim Event' That Was Actually Just a Campaign Stop at a Falafel Restaurant

The Tennessee governor's race has not attracted nearly the attention of the higher-profile Senate race, where the close race between GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Democratic former Gov. Phil Bredesen recently was brought into focus by Taylor Swift.

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GOP Candidate Told Anti-Muslim Hate Group America Should Not 'Provide Entitlements' to Refugees

Immediately after progressive Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum became the first African-American major party candidate for governor of Florida, his GOP opponent, Trump-loving Rep. Ron DeSantis, caused outrage when he said Florida should not "monkey this up" and vote for Gillum.

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Political Rhetoric Fuels Bigotry Against Muslims: Study

Donald Trump looks outward from the United States with dreams of walls on the U.S.-Mexico border that will somehow magically stop what he and his supporters consider/view as a brown "invading" horde, human "vermin" that will "infest" white American society. Nonwhite immigrants and migrants are also to be put in concentration camps by the tens of thousands for an indefinite amount of time while Trump and his enforcers decide how best to remove them from the country.

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Islamophobia Infects the Government As Anti-Muslim Bigotry Becomes Socially Acceptable in Trump's America

Imagine that a nominee for secretary of state had shared platforms with white nationalist Richard B. Spencer and been given a major award by his National Policy Institute, which describes itself as "an independent organization dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent in the United States and around the world." With that on his record, is it likely the nominee would have been confirmed, or nominated in the first place, to head the State Department?

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'This Is How Your Mind Learns to Accept Atrocities': Psychologist on Trump's Anti-Muslim Agenda

Islamophobia was an issue in the U.S. long before Donald Trump took office, but this administration has worked hard to help spread the disease. Since Trump’s electoral win, 18 state legislatures have introduced 23 totally unnecessary anti-sharia law bills. Anti-Muslim violence has been on a steady rise. An unambiguous ban on Muslims from six countries—which candidate Trump made clear was a “Muslim ban"—is actually in effect. And among the other racist materials he's fond of, Trump regularly retweets anti-Muslim propaganda put out by white supremacists the world over.

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In Striving Toward Solidarity, Muslim and LGBT Communities Need to Prioritize LGBT Muslims

Last week should have been a joyous occasion for Muslims: Thousands of Muslims came together for the annual Islamic Society of North America conference in Chicago. For LGBT Muslims like me, however, it was yet another painful reminder of how excluded we are. Organizers requested, on religious grounds, that Muslims for Progressive Values, which advocates for LGBT Muslims, leave the exhibition area. Once again, LGBT Muslims like me were caught in a double bind: marginalized by mainstream America, including the LGBT community, a number of whom seem to equate Muslims with terrorists, and at the same time, rejected by the Muslim community for our sexual orientation and gender identity. We are told that one of our identities is a threat to the other. This double rejection is both heartbreaking and dangerous in a cultural climate when LGBT and Muslim groups must work together to protect the human rights of us all. 

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Bill Maher Makes Us Dumber: How Ignorance, Fear and Stupid Pop-Culture Clichés Shape Americans’ View of the Middle East

Last Sunday was the 14th anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq. Given the outcome of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the milestone passed almost completely without comment among the many who led the charge to Baghdad in 2003. There are soldiers of all ranks who went into battle carrying copies of Ibn Khaldun’s “The Muqaddimah,” Hans Wehr’s Arabic-English Dictionary and other works that might help explain the land and region to which they were ostensibly bringing liberty. Many of these honorable men and women are wiser and more in touch today with the history, politics and culture of the Middle East than when the invasion order came. The same cannot be said for America’s political leaders or Americans more generally.

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‘You Don’t Know Anything’: Chris Hayes Smacks Down Conservative’s Ignorance on Muslims in Heated Maher Panel

During the “Overtime” segment of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, battle lines were quickly drawn as MSNBC host Chris Hayes argued with host Maher and a conservative panelist over Muslim majority countries.

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Does the Trump Administration Want a Holy War Against Islam? It’s a Terrifying but Reasonable Guess

After multiple delays, President Donald Trump finally signed a new executive order last Monday that reinstated a travel ban on citizens from six of the seven countries (Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen) included in the previous order, which had been suspended after being struck down by the judiciary last month. The new ban arrived about a week after a Department of Homeland Security document that completely undermined the Trump administration’s stated rationale for the ban was leaked to the press.

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