A look at Paul Ryan's illustrious career as a cash grab for billionaires

Each New Year’s, my wife and I indulge one of our favorite traditions: the household purge. We scour our closets for stuff that’s just taking up space, quietly draining our home’s energy, and move it along. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Americans rally behind ObamaCare as Trump calls on the Supreme Court to kill healthcare for millions

President Donald Trump kicked off the week by calling for the U.S. Supreme Court to review and support a lone Texas federal judge's late Friday night ruling that ObamaCare is unconstitutional.

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Critics pounce after Schumer refuses to back Medicare for All - 'Not the kind of moral leadership we need'

As Medicare for All advocates gear up for what promises to be a long and brutal fight against the powerful industry interests and corporate Democrats committed to upholding the for-profit status quo, critics accused Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) of siding with the latter camp after he insisted in an interview on Sunday that "there are lots of different routes" to a universal healthcare system and refused to endorse single-payer.

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Don’t let the Trump administration corporatize Medicare

The Trump administration is engaged in a massive deception about Medicare Advantage plans, those commercial insurance plans that contract with the government to offer Medicare benefits. These plans are offered as an alternative to traditional Medicare, the public plan administered by the government.

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10 Reasons Why the Attempt to Commercialize Medicare Is Such a Disaster

More and more policymakers and Americans are recognizing the value of Medicare for All, a national health insurance program run by the government on behalf of its citizens. But there is still some confusion about the role commercial insurers might play in such a system.

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Paul Krugman's Prediction Was Just Vindicated - Republicans Really Are the Party of 'Starve the Beast'

New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman is taking a well-deserved victory lap as his most dismal predictions about the dark machinations of the Republican Party are coming true.

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Republicans Are Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare

The billionaire fascists are coming for your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And they’re openly bragging about it.

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I Used to Work for Republicans - Now I Fear What They'll Do If They Win in November

Everyone who cares about their Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid needs to vote on November 6. If Republican politicians and the donors who own them retain full control of Congress, they are determined to finally succeed in their longstanding goal of ending all three programs.

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America’s Seniors Are Drowning in Lies by Trump and Republicans to Boost Big Pharma

Medicare is a very popular program, far more so than for-profit insurance. It’s also highly effective—the senior poverty rate has dropped dramatically since it was created. But it is not perfect, which is why we must improve and expand the existing system. We must add vision, dental and hearing coverage. We must get rid of out-of-pocket expenses. 

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The GOP Isn't Even Trying to Hide It's Cruel Plan to Shred the Country's Most Popular Government Programs

As the GOP plows ahead with another round of budget-exploding tax cuts for the richjust before the crucial 2018 midterms, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser and former television personality Larry Kudlow confirmed on Monday that the White House will push for cuts to life-saving safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security if the GOP retains control of Congress in November.

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Paul Krugman Details the GOP's Devastating Plan If They Survive the Midterms - and It's All About 'Starving the Beast'

Democrats are expected to win a healthy majority of the ballots cast in the 2018 midterm elections, but because of the geographical distribution of seats up for election and Republican gerrymandering, it's far from guaranteed that they'll win control of either the House of Representatives or the Senate.

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