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This 78-year-old man in a wheelchair was cruelly evicted to the cold streets because he used legal medical marijuana

A 78-year-old Niagara Falls man using a wheelchair was thrown out on the street last week for using medical marijuana in the federally subsidized housing unit he called home. Under harsh federal regulations, operators of such facilities are free to evict tenants who use medical marijuana—even if it legal in the state where they reside, as it is in New York.

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Ricki Lake on 'Weed the People': 'It’s Not About Getting High, It’s About Children Dying of Cancer'

“Weed the People” is director Abby Epstein and executive producer Ricki Lake’s timely and compelling documentary about using cannabis oil as an alternative medicine for children with cancer. The film features half a dozen case studies of babies and teens who take this form of medical marijuana to reduce tumors. It is, as one believer states in the film, “not a cure, but an extension of life.”

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These 4 Red-Leaning States Have Big Marijuana Decisions to Make This November

Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana since 2012, but all of those states have been in the West or the Northeast. This year, with marijuana legalization on the ballot in Michigan as well as North Dakota, legal weed could make a heartland breakthrough.

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Wells Fargo Terminates Banking Services for Florida Political Candidate Over Her Support for Medical Marijuana

Nikki Fried, a Democratic candidate for agriculture commissioner in Florida, reportedly had her campaign accounts shut down by Wells Fargo over her support for medical marijuana.

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A Michigan Cop Jailed This 80-Year-Old Grandma Over Her Expired Medical Marijuana Card

A Clare County, Michigan, sheriff's deputy arrested an 80-year-old grandmother for small-time pot possession after going to her home on an unrelated matter and smelling weed. The grandma, Delores Saltzman, is a medical marijuana patient whose card had expired. She spent a night in jail and had to deal with a court case because the deputy's zero-tolerance approach to marijuana precluded a sensible resolution to the matter.

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One of the Reddest States in America Just Passed a Progressive Medical Marijuana Initiative

One of the reddest of red states went green on Tuesday. Voters in Oklahoma approved a remarkably progressive medical marijuana initiative by a healthy margin of 56 percent to 43 percent.

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Oklahoma Expected to Become Latest Medical Marijuana State by Month’s End

One of the reddest of red states is set to go green later this month. Voters in Oklahoma will go to the polls on June 26 to decide whether to support the Question 778 medical marijuana initiative, and all indications are that it will win.

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Enjoy Rudy Giuliani's Screw-Ups as Trump's Lawyer, But He's Still Horrible on Marijuana

Who isn't enjoying Rudy Giuliani's performance as an endearingly bumbling personal attorney for President Trump? After all, in the few days he has been in the position, he's managed to come up with multiple stories about the president, his porn stars, and his fixers, none of which reflect favorably on Team Trump. He's unintentionally been doing his incompetent best to help implode the Trump White House, and for that, he deserves our thanks.

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Marijuana Is Now Expected to Become a $25 Billion Industry by 2025

The American marijuana industry should hit $25 billion in sales by 2025, according to the latest estimate by the industry analytics firm New Frontier Data. That would put pot in the same league as such well-established industries as radio, video games, children's toys, and the market research industry.

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Colorado House OKs Bill to Let School Nurses Administer Medical Marijuana

DENVER (CN) – A bill that would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students passed the Colorado House 47-17 on Thursday.

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The Grades Are In: Best And Worst States For Marijuana Patients

In a comprehensive, 187-page report on the status of access for medical marijuana patients in the US, seven states received a grade of B+, the highest score given this year.

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