This Is Why the Kavanaugh Nomination Matters - And His Confirmation Is Not Guaranteed

As America's families send their children back to school, the U.S. Senate has begun its contentious hearings on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. There are several important cases waiting on the Court’s docket this fall, and whoever replaces Justice Anthony Kennedy will have tremendous power to impact our everyday lives at home, at work and in school for generations to come.

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Kellyanne Conway Slams Her Husband When She Thinks She's Off the Record: 'A Violation of Basic Decency ... If Not Marital Vows'

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's marriage to George Conway, a prominent critic of President Donald Trump, has elicited bewilderment and curiosity from observers across the political spectrum.

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Why Do Some Evangelicals Stand in the Way of Banning Child Marriage?

There’s a famous, though possibly falsely-attributed, quote by Mark Twain:  “I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because they are always 20 years behind.” That quote felt uncomfortably true over the weekend, while Kentucky was at the receiving end of a lot of bad press for stalling the passage of Senate Bill 48, a bill that aims to prevent child marriage – marriage by a minor under 18 years old – in the state.

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I Toke Thee to Be My Wife: Inside a Cannabis Wedding in California

It was a picture postcard California beach wedding. The bride wore white. The Pacific Ocean lapped at the altar. The violinist played Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

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Fifty Years Ago, the Supreme Court Knocked Down Bans on Interracial Marriage - How Have Things Changed Since Then?

Should we allow states to decide whether black Americans may marry white Americans? Today, such an idea seems absurd. Most Americans believe that states shouldn't be permitted to trample on the basic right of interracial couples to marry. It would be unfair and a clear violation of civil rights. But until 50 years ago (June 12, 1967), when the Supreme Court knocked down state laws banning interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia, 16 states still had such laws on the books. At the time, 72% of Americans opposed marriage between blacks and whites.

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5 Unusual Things That Help Men Live Long And Prosper

During the epic journey toward the Fountain of Youth — the mythical pool of water that stops the aging process — men and women buy expensive skin creams and follow fad diets and detoxes to extend their lifespan. Yet for men, the secret to increasing their life expectancy and living longer than women is based on…

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Women Taking Their Husbands' Last Names Is Antiquated Biblical Misogyny - Why Is It so Often Unchallenged?

Imagine a female presidential candidate whose name reminds people of her independent existence rather than her marital status.

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LSD Saved My Marriage

This article was republished with permission from Deep Dot Web and first appeared here.

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Why Not Getting Married Is Smart Economics For Women


Why I Had to Leave My Sexless Marriage

I used to think marriage was forever. I know people get divorced. The rate’s at like 50 percent now, but same as most people who take the plunge, I thought I’d be married longer than 28 months. Just sayin’.

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More Kentucky Clerks Say They Won't Give Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses

Two Kentucky clerks who may be best known for not being Kim Davis have declared they will only issue marriage licenses to heterosexual couples in defiance of the Constitution.

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