Obama Regulators Reject Fracked Gas Pipeline Across Oregon

[Update, December 15. The Jordan Cove Energy Project announced this morning that they will re-apply to FERC for Federal construction permits and eminent domain authority. This slow, complex process requires the company to start fresh, although they can recycle some pieces of the prior environmental impact statement. This will not reduce the grassroots opposition and determination in any way.]

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Monday Night Football Crashed by Fracktivists Performing Sky-High Rappel in Bank of America Stadium

As many as 74,000 NFL fans at last night's Colts v. Panthers game in Charlotte, North Carolina, witnessed two people rappel from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium in the pouring rain.

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Greenwash: Shell May Remove "Oil" From Name as It Moves to Tap Arctic, Gulf of Mexico

Shell Oil has announced it may take a page out of the BP “Beyond Petroleum” greenwashing book, rebranding itself as something other than an oil company for its United States-based unit.

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Cuomo Administration Officials: ‘Don’t Frack With NY’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration has tentatively said no to the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the state based on the recommendations of two commissioners who have studied the energy extraction process. 

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Sandra Steingraber, Colleen Boland Released After Serving Sentences for Blockading Controversial Gas Storage Facility

Author and biologist Sandra Steingraber was released from a New York jail shortly after midnight on Wednesday after serving 15 days for blockading the gates to a natural-gas storage facility. Steingraber, an Ithaca College professor, and another protester Colleen Boland, were let go after serving the entire sentence. A third protester, 87-year-old Roland Micklem, received the same sentence but was released after one night in jail. He was recently admitted to an upstate Veteran’s Administration hospital for unspecified ailments. The trio was among some 200 people who have been blockading the gates of the proposed gas storage facility in Reading, NY.

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Buyer Beware: Latest Documentary from the Tickells Promotes Natural Gas

Last weekend, “Pump,” the new film by Josh and Rebecca Tickell, directors of “Fuel” and “The Big Fix” premiered in New York and Los Angeles the same weekend as the largest climate rally in history. As four hundred thousand people marched to tell world leaders we have to get off fossil fuels or face human extinction, this film promoted the use of alternative transportation fuels including ethanol, methanol from natural gas and compressed natural gas (CNG), the latter two obtained through a noxious and greenhouse gas producing process known as fracking.

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Export Delusions: Why the Rush to Export Natural Gas is a Fool’s Errand

On a sweltering day in May last year I sat dumbfounded at a US Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee meeting. Pat Outtrim, VP of Cheniere Energy, was arguing for fast-tracking approval of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports because it would benefit energy consumers…in Great Britain.
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A year later and the drum beat for approving LNG export operations is reaching a crescendo. This time it’s spurred by claims that we must save Europeans from the grip of Russia, who is using its position as the primary natural gas provider in Europe to annex Crimea and assert its power in the region. 
In both cases, the rationale is the same: The US has an over-supply of natural gas—thanks to an explosion of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for previously inaccessible shale gas—and it’s our duty as international citizens to make sure that our friends in Europe (not to mention Asia) can benefit from our lower-cost largesse. 

Ostensibly in response to the crisis in Ukraine, two bills have been introduced in Congress: Senate Bill 2274, introduced by Mark Udall (D-CO), and House Bill 6, introduced by Cory Gardner (R-CO).

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How Powerful Friends and Cozy Relationships Helped Cheniere Energy Cash in on Natural Gas Exports

Five years ago, Cheniere Energy Inc. was losing tens of millions of dollars a quarter and slashing its workforce in half, as crippling debt threatened to force it into bankruptcy. Today it’s the undisputed leader in the nation’s promising new energy sector: exporting liquefied natural gas, or LNG. That remarkable turnaround followed its industry-leading decision in 2010 to reverse course and export, rather than import, natural gas.

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Four Examples from the Last Week Prove Obama Is Full of Hot Air on Climate Protection

A lot has happened in the last week. The Earth hit the 400 parts per million CO2 threshold for the first time in human history. Scientists tell us this is bad news if we want to prevent runaway climate change. "If we continue to burn fossil fuels at accelerating rates, if we continue with business as usual, we will cross the 450 parts per million limit in a matter of maybe a couple decades," scientist Michael Mann told Democracy Now! "We believe that with that amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, we commit to what can truly be described as dangerous and irreversible changes in our climate." 

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