Israel Blacklists Activist Organizations, Barring them From Entering the Country

Israel published a list of activist organizations whose members will be barred from entering the country due to their support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, on Sunday. The so ...

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Jewish Law Condemns Animal Cruelty, Yet Thousands of Chickens Are Abused and Killed Before Yom Kippur Every Year

While Jewish law condemns cruelty to animals, every year thousands of chickens are abused and killed in kapparot rituals on the eve of Yom Kippur. Factory farms transport chickens to kapparot sites in cramped, waste-ridden cages without giving the birds any food, water or shelter from the elements.

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At Lavish New York Gala, the Jewish Right-Wing Rises to Defend Alt-Right Godfather Steve Bannon

The rise of Donald Trump has elevated white nationalism to the forefront of American politics, but neo-Nazi-oriented groups are not the only ones feeling empowered by his election. On Sunday night at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City, the Zionist Organization of America hosted its largest gala since its inaugural dinner in 1897. Scheduled to attend was Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News head whom Trump named as his chief White House strategist.

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How the FBI Is Stoking Divisions Between Muslim and Jewish Communities

EDITOR'S NOTE: In 1975, the FBI had roughly 1,500 confidential informants on its payrolls. Today, that number has soared to 15,000. In this segment of RT's program Watching the Hawks, AlterNet senior editor Max Blumenthal joins investigative journalist Aviva Stahl to discuss the role that this runaway informant program plays in entrapping innocent people and stoking divisions between historically marginalized communities. Stahl revealed how the "FBI Is Manufacturing Terror Plots Against Jewish-Americans, Driving Divisions Between Jews and Muslims" for AlterNet's Grayzone Project.

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Shocked By Rise of Jewish Extremism in Israel, Maverick Rabbi Denounces Discriminatory Laws

Rabbis from a liberal stream of Judaism issued this month a blanket disavowal of religious rulings that discriminate against non-Jews. The repudiation comes in response to racist rulings by state-funded Israeli clerics and terror attacks by their followers. In early May, the Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, the theological adjudication body of Conservative Jews, voted unanimously to accept the 28-page anti-racist “tshuvah”, or religious responsum, of American-Israeli Rabbi Reuven Hammer.

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Neocons Cry Anti-Semitism Over the Pro-Trump 'Renegade Jew' Smear That They Popularized

An article labeling neoconservative movement leader, Fox News pundit and orchestrator of the #NeverTrump movement William Kristol as a “Renegade Jew” has sparked a frenzy on online news and social media forums. Written  by David Horowitz, another neoconservative, for the pro-Trump Breitbart website, the piece trashed Kristol for his plans to back a third party candidate against Trump, the populist evildoer at the top of the Republican establishment’s political kill list.

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On Israel, Sanders Is Right (And Clinton Knows It)

The most significant moment of the Democratic primary debate in Brooklyn -- and perhaps any presidential debate this season -- came when Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary Clinton over her refusal to criticize Israel's excessive use of force against the Palestinians in Gaza. For the first time in memory, a major American political figure insisted publicly that the Jewish state and its leaders are "not always right" -- and that in attempting to suppress terrorism, they had killed and injured far too many blameless human beings.

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Boycotting Israel Isn't Anti-Semitic - It's a Response to a Government's Violent Tactics

The following is an excerpt from the new book  Language of War, Language of Peace: Palestine, Israel and the Search for Justice  by Raja Shehadeh (OR Books, 2015):

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Miracle or Fact: How Should We Interpret the Story of Passover?

Once, at our seder, our friend Ira gave a running commentary on the haggadah, offering a scientific explanation for every miracle and wonder in the Exodus story.    

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'Politics Gone Hideously Wrong': Anti-Semitic Bullying Said to Contribute to a Missouri Official's Recent Suicide

The suicide last week of Tom Schweich, a Missouri auditor and candidate for governor, sent the state’s political scene into a tailspin. Now, the chair of the Missouri Republican party is accused of leading an anti-Semitic smear campaign that contributed to Schweich’s decision to take his own life.

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