Here's What the Mainstream Media Keeps Getting Wrong About Politics

For many obsessed with politics, the upcoming midterm elections are perceived as a fight between good and evil that will determine the fate of the nation. In the narrative framed by true believers and much media coverage, it's a fight between those who are convinced that President Donald Trump can make America great and those who dream of a socialist future.

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'SportsCenter' Anchor Suggests ESPN’s Massive Layoffs Due to Network’s Liberal Programming

Longtime ESPN anchor Linda Cohn argued that her network’s alleged liberal bent scared off some of its viewers and subscribers, leading to this week’s “bloodbath” in Bristol.

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We Have the Left and Right All Wrong: The Real Story of the Politics of Nostalgia and Tradition

Ever since Edmund Burke, founder of the conservative tradition,declared, “The very idea of the fabrication of a new government, is enough to fill us with disgust and horror,” pundits and scholars have divided the political world along the axis of time. The left is the party of the future; the right, the party of the past. Liberals believe in progress and the new; conservatives, in tradition and the old. Hope versus history, morrow versus memory, utopia versus reality: these are the stuff of our great debates.

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Scientists Discover the Fascinating Psychological Reason Why Conservatives Are…Conservative

The following story first appeared on Mother Jones. Click here to subscribe for more great content. 

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The Libertarian Con: Favorite 'Rebel' Ideology of the Ruling Class

 Calling yourself a libertarian today is a lot like wearing a mullet back in the nineteen eighties. It sends a clear signal: business up front, party in the back.

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Why Right-Wingers (and Media Hacks) Are Totally Wrong About What Americans Believe -- We're Becoming Less, Not More, Conservative

Despite some misguided triumphalism on the Right, America is not getting more conservative. In fact, if you look at lots of public opinion polls, you'll find that just the opposite is true—Americans' views on the most pressing issues of the day are actually solidly progressive, with strong support for the social safety net and growing support for once-controversial social issues like marriage equality.

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Vision: How to Make Media Reflect the Popular Views of Americans, Not Those of Elites

“Liar! Liar!” “He's lying!” That's how Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's constituents responded at a town hall meeting in Kenosha a week after House Republicans passed Ryan's draconian budget plan to privatize Medicare and slash taxes for the wealthy.

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The Dangerous Conservative Philosophies That Put People Behind Bars

Following Lynn Parramore’s piece on on solitary confinement, it’s important to note that criminal sentencing reform will be on the table in 2011. Collapsing state budgets and ever-increasing prison populations (and the costs associated with them) will force the issue. Republican Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has recently endorsed a plan to help reduce the prison population.

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Left Versus Right Is Meaningless -- It's Us Versus the Corporations

Every generation or so, a major secular shift takes place that shakes up the existing paradigm. It happens in industry, finance, literature, sports, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, travel, communication, etc.

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Conservative "Purity Test" Too Right Wing for Ronald Reagan

The most rigidly conservative members of the Republican National Committee are circulating a proposal to establish a purity test for the party's candidates.

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