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House Republicans Can't Answer One Basic Question About the Tax Bill They Just Signed Into Law

After a violation of parliamentary procedure sent the bill back to the House of Representatives, the GOP succeeded in ramming the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through Congress Wednesday, despite the legislation's 26 percent approval rating with the American public. Policy analysts agree the bill will fundamentally reorder American society, entrenching inherited wealth for a generation, kicking 13 million off their insurance plans and decimating an already beleaguered middle class. Yet a new report suggests House Republicans can't answer even the most rudimentary question about the bill's contents.

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GOP War on Poor Continues as House Approves Huge Cut to Food Stamps

House Republicans approved nearly $40 billion in cuts to the food stamps program Thursday evening on a tight 217-210 vote. Fifteen Republicans defected to vote “no” on the measure, which is projected to kick millions of people off of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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Republicans Trying to Be as Unpopular as Humanly Possible

With the July 4 holiday behind them, House members might be expected to take up work on the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate. But they won’t. They’re looking at piecemeal reforms that will be heavier on border enforcement than the Senate bill – which doubled the number of border control agents, after the border control budget already doubled in size in the last decade — and even nuttier ideas.

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GOP Chooses Big Oil at the Expense of Granny

Now, let's check today's sports scores: 4, 10.7 and 21-and-a-half.

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Obama Dominates at Republican Retreat

Following up on his efforts to rally the crestfallen American public around his presidential agenda via his first State of the Union address on Wednesday, Obama took his show on the road to Baltimore on Friday, where Republican House leaders have gathered for their party's annual retreat.

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Palin Lies ... to Fellow Republicans?

The Note reported over the weekend that in planning for their annual winter retreat, House Republicans “extended an invitation to Alaska Gov. Sara Palin, hoping the party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee would give a morale-building speech.” Palin declined the invitation because “pressing state business made it impossible for her to leave Alaska.” Her excuse, however, was a lie:

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