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Here are the 10 most seductive drugs — and their fascinating histories

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If the Euro Cracks - Blame Germany, Not the Italians

The European Union today is experiencing a revival of the very political conditions that its formation was ostensibly designed to eliminate. Although the creation of the euro in particular was deemed to be a key component helping to move the EU to an “ever closer union,” ridding the continent of centuries of historic enmities, in reality, it has done the opposite: The monetary union, and the austerity-linked conditions governing membership in the eurozone (EZ), continue to create conditions ripe for extreme nationalist movements in Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere.

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Here Are 6 of the Summer of 2018’s Worst Weather-Related Nightmares

Scott Pruitt may very well go down in history as the worst administrator in the 48-year history of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Nominated by President Donald Trump in February 2017 and confirmed by the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate in a 52-46 vote, the scandal-plagued Pruitt is a climate change denier who shares the president’s love of fossil fuels and disdain for green energy—and when Pruitt (the EPA’s 14th administrator) left the agency in July, environmentalists all over the world were glad to see him go. But his replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is likely to be just as bad, if not worse.

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Socially Conscious Travelers, Beware - Overtourism Is Sorely Hurting These 5 Countries

Tourism is normally thought of as a positive industry, connecting cultures across the globe and putting dollars in the pockets of locals, especially in countries where job opportunities are otherwise lacking. But in recent years, as airline prices have fallen, cruise ships are booming and social media romanticizes a jetsetter lifestyle. Overtourism has taken a toll on many popular destinations, straining local economies, endangering ecology and wildlife, depleting the cultural uniqueness of a historic city, and expediting gentrification. You may have heard of some locations, including Cinque Terra, Amsterdam and Ibiza, making moves to cap the number of visitors to their cities.

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How Depressed Are the People of Europe? You Would Be Surprised Which Country Tops the List

British people are among the most depressed people in the Western world, according to new data. 

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7 Countries That Beat an Overdose Crisis

It’s no secret that there's a drug overdose crisis in the United States. Opioid overdose deaths have risen 255% from 1999 to 2015. The US has failed to beat the opioid epidemic with drug courts, 12 step rehabs, and even medications like Vivitrol. However, seven other countries have overcome a huge drug overdose crisis very cheaply using technology which is more than 50 years old. Their secret? They have made methadone, an extremely cheap drug which costs less than a dollar a day for a maintenance dose, readily available to everyone who needs it. Rather than mandating expensive and stigmatizing methadone clinics, they allow any patients who need methadone to take their doses in their doctors’ offices or even at pharmacies... for free!

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Europe Is Slamming Its Doors Shut to a Growing and Historic Humanitarian Crisis

Over the past week, the UN Refugees Agency says that eight hundred and eighty people died in the Mediterranean Sea. They had been trying to get to Europe–for many, the beacon of a future that they have not been able to build in their own countries. These migrants left from the Sabratha region—the northwestern coast of Libya–where the local economy now relies upon the refugee trade. Almost fifty percent of the Gross Domestic Product for this region comes from the human traffickers.

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This Is What a Refugee’s Funeral Looks Like in Greece

Ahmed’s funeral took place on the top of a small Greek mountain on the island of Chios, overlooking the Aegean Sea that he died crossing.*

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Citing Humanitarian Nightmare, Aid Agencies Are Pulling From Europe's Refugee Prisons

“We will not allow our assistance to be instrumentalized for a mass expulsion operation,” declared Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) official Marie Elisabeth Ingres this week, joining the chorus of major humanitarian institutions pulling their operations from Greek island refugee “hotpots” that have been transformed into nightmarish prisons. “[W]e refuse to be part of a system that has no regard for the humanitarian or protection needs of asylum seekers and migrants.”

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Which Countries Are Happiest? Global Survey Suggests Capitalism and Wealth Aren't Delivering the Goods

What is happiness? This might sound like a question you’d hear come out of Derek Zoolander’s mouth. But seriously, think about it. Is it a matter of perspective, your relationships, a neurological chemical imbalance, or career fulfillment? The more you try to pin down this elusive state of mind, the more achieving a measure for it seems out of reach. Take the movie Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014), in which Hector (Simon Pegg) travels the entire world trying to solve this philosophical quandary. By the time Hector sort of works it out, all we're really left with is 120 minutes of our lives we’ll never get back.

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Monsanto's GMO Crops Banned by Two More European Nations

Two more European countries are rejecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Latvia and Greece have specifically said no to growing Monsanto‘s genetically modified maize, or MON810, that’s widely grown in America and Asia but is the only variety grown in Europe.

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