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The GOP Tax Plan Is a Giant Middle Finger to Hundreds of Millions of Americans Who Aren't Rich

Forget campaign promises and White House propaganda about prosperity via tax cuts. The GOP is poised to show every American who isn’t wealthy that it couldn’t care less about their daily economic struggles.

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GOP Sneaks Creation of Fetal Personhood Into Tax Bill in Giant Giveaway to Anti-Choice Religious Right

The GOP tax plan before Congress has billions in gimmicks and giveaways for corporate interests. But none may be as far-reaching, from a social policy perspective, as language declaring human fetuses are legal persons for federal tax purposes.

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'Fetal Personhood' Is Religious Right's New Dangerous Word Trap in Abortion Debate

What does it mean to be a person? For the anti-abortion group Personhood USA, a “person” is present from the moment a sperm penetrates an egg, and members are fighting to have their definition encoded into law. Online coaching tools for abortion opponents use the term person interchangeably with human or human being. Are they interchangeable? Does it matter?

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Guess Who Profits When You Can Throw Pregnant Women in Jail for Using Drugs?

Pregnancy holds a special space in most societies; it is a biological necessity for species preservation and represents the promise of future generations. Pregnancy is thought by many to bestow upon women an extra layer of societal protection and care. Social conventions dictate that pregnant women be given priority seating on buses, trains and other forms of transport and in lines for rest rooms and priority rescue during natural disasters. We believe ourselves to be solicitous and helpful to pregnant women and accord them an extra measure of respect.

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